Bearded snob: what spoiled hipsters?

It was a bribe.field.ua_27.05.2014_4WQ769ZIYGrpUHipsters pretty spoiled life of modern people. You’re into woody Allen, grow a beard, watch Arthouse the mood, visit a bar, I approve of bill Murray, and it turns out that you’re a militant snob, even though you’ve never flaunted their interests and not screaming at every step, realized what he wanted to say Lars Von Trier, his latest film. Hipsters is so tired of all their own subculture, their attributes, and their usurped sphere of culture became tabuirovannykh. And nobody cares that you share their habits not because of fashion but because that’s your own taste. When the subculture of hipsters does not spread further abrogate slim boys who love rare music, all was well. But the hipsters have gone too far. Nothing can spoil any thing so much as its fans or followers.

1. Art

It suffered greatly from the hipster subculture. It is not currently possible to love and appreciate classic art. If you’re a fan of Briullov and Aivazovsky, all the way through, but God forbid you understand the work of Zdzislaw Bakinskogo, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miro, Picasso or Magritte — you will immediately receive the status of a poser, though more «like Magritte’s» the conversation did not go. And some guys develop the theme and think you’re a fan of another art group that believes good manners to nail his balls to the pavement.

2. A cult literary classic

It’s one thing if you love quality fiction: hipsters mistakenly think that there blasters mastery and and inactive until it is read, and if read, call social satire, ignoring the frankly fantastic roots. Like Hesse’s «glass bead Game» or «American psycho» — almost everyone will think you’re playing hard to get or sobstel. Worst of all, if you like «Fight club» is almost a bad tone — as in ekologiceskoe hangouts and in real kids from the surrounding area.

3. Arthouse and films «not for all»

Nobody cares what you looked Jarmusch on VHS many years ago. Now it is fashionable, it’s not for everyone, so watch can not be easy. Dude, at the time enjoying a good movie, due to the active churning of hipsters and especially hipsters can’t even watch woody Allen’s or Tarkovsky. And all because of a strange feeling of discomfort. Many dudes do not even begin their acquaintance with the world of cinema, because nothing spoils the impression from any thing, as her loyal followers.

4. Vegetarianism and a large

When hipsters together stopped eating meat, the attitude of the vegetarian (at first they thought he was strange guys) had changed to «And you’re probably a vegetarian and you have a bike? I knew it.» And no one will believe you refuse from meat for health or moral reasons, even if it is one hundred percent true. All will roll your eyes, sigh and think that you’re a hipster. Thanks again hipster from vegetarians and cyclists to our editorial!

5. Cafe

You love coffee and sit in a quiet place? The number of young people in the typical outfit will prevent you enjoy the smell of roasted coffee beans that comes from a hot drink in a French press. Hell, we can’t get outside the box of brewed coffee without the skeptical grimaces of the fellow who ordered an Americano. If you have a favorite place that serves great coffee and pastries, be sure that after a while it will break from the hipsters and okologischer of all ages, discussing unknown to you music and contemporary Latin American writers fashion — followers of Castaneda.

6. People, including young children

A great idea to pay for a place where you can work in peace and quiet, collided with the hip and trendy youth. You come there to play video games or Board games with friends, but face the darkness dressed in the 80s style of young men and women with glasses and bright red lipstick that gathered to watch a cute movie followed by a discussion during which everyone is trying to show himself as a real intellectual.

7. Beard

When hipsters do not grow beards, all was well, but when they decided that they should be more like the beatniks and began to grow facial vegetation, simple guys with thick advantage was a bit awkward. And all because of a bearded now too much, just look on the streets of the city. At first it was fun, cool and unusual, but then well stuffed on edge because of those who grows a beard to be a trend. Now some dudes are going to shave their beards, because I don’t want to be hipster, which devalues them! Thank you decrying bike and a selfie.

8. Acoustic and electronic music

Don’t even think about trying to learn to play the guitar, or on any harp or drum. Especially don’t tell me you like this topic, because it is banned!

9. Shaving with a straight razor

Hard to explain that you shave with a straight razor because it shaves very clean, because you collect Antiques. The concept of «vintage» at the same time makes a very popular topic, but devalues it in the eyes more relaxed and unfashionable public. When that thing is bought the latest hipster, decent people begin to spit, even if they understand that this is a good thing.

10. Good beer

Craft beer, imported Beers, porters, Ales, lagers and stouts instead of the usual stillborn beer from the furthest location of the spill. Be prepared that after the bar has something like that near you materialized dude who will be a film critic and try to talk to you about the best Directors of Tibet.

11. Talk about anything at all

Be careful, because in connection with the events in Crimea your position may be estimated incorrectly. It seems to be used to be able to discuss with the man policy, intellectual topics, but he now dismisses them because he doesn’t want to pass for a snob and a hipster. Well, that at least computer games and «Game of thrones» can be discussed, although they will soon get there.

12. Series

Today they like «breaking bad,» tomorrow is a mediocre boring thing. After the interest in serial films became fashionable, he immediately became a comfort to hipster hangouts. Every hipster always watching some series, and why such an innocent habit begins to be censured by society. And if you think so, and those who condemn hipsters, and hipsters are equally good.

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