Bearded love: how to understand that you’re in love?

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2014_mErP5FjWy84vXOh, I’m sure someone will write in comments that the article — snot. But the love and strong feelings exist in nature. Call me a kinship, though hormonal explosion, in any case, the phenomenon occurs. Clear, normal love is a Mature feeling, which simply can not be born in the minds of people who are less than 16-18 years (that is why «Romeo and Juliet» for me to have an entirely different meaning). We can confuse love with convenience and forced love, but there are still things that differentiate love from all these unworthy events.

1. You forgot about the former

Sometimes, to forget the previous girl, which order you drank blood, you need different amounts of time. Someone suffers, and someone weeks is enough. In any case, the last we remember our former well — not least because it was the last one. But when you have a new relationship and you’re truly in love, the former is mentioned much less. Moreover, you very well realize that you have forgiven, released and forgotten. Most important: you don’t feel about her any negative feelings. Any recollection of her is in the spirit «was a woman». No memories in the spirit of «what a wonderful I had an ex -» you don’t have.

2. You sincerely wonder what she wants

If you irritate a talk about how her day was, she wants to buy, it is not love. This is a good time together, a relationship of convenience and other crap. If this person you truly love, you with pleasure and without any inconveniences and will listen to her about her day, what she ate for lunch, how was her training, and even then, what a cool dress she saw in the store.

When the relationship is not love, admit it, you in most cases do not care deeply. Of course, if it moved «KAMAZ» will be unpleasant, but maybe you will sigh with relief. But when we are dealing with love, everything is exactly the opposite. Why? I thought about it and realized that it in one: you want to take part in the life of this man, even if you’re not around.

3. Melitaea!

As for me, this is the most important sign of strong love. When the girl sneezes, it feels nice. When she walks around the house shaggy, she seem nice. There are so many things that never could seem endearing or at least noteworthy, but when makes them dear to the heart of people, it suddenly becomes sweet. Most interesting is that the things that used to seem disgusting, repulsive, or at least unpleasant, and can seem very touching. Even such as vaginal bunches and a hair on the navel.

4. The other girls are not very

As someone who is in love, I can confidently say that this is so. I used to think that it is an outright p*zdezh, as there are always girls that are better at something: a figure, interests, appearance. But if you’re in love, all the rest are somehow pale by comparison. You realize that they have a number of advantages, you can easily say that out of that girl’s perfect figure or this girl has gorgeous legs. That’s just your girlfriend still steeper. Love gives her a thousand points, and it automatically wins in all tops.

5. Do you think about her

This does not mean that you are not able to do anything other than thoughts about this exceptional woman. This means that she attends your thoughts quite often. For example, what is she doing now? And she’s not sad? And she actually ate? Slept with? And something to cook my delicious dinner? Sometimes just before the eyes flashed her smiling a static image.

6. You don’t get bored often correspond with her during the day

Remember that in other respects I was tired to write often. I set a goal to make itself felt at least two or three times a day, and keep the promise that was hard. Can’t even explain why. Be bound by that? Here you can chat with her for an entire day without much worn out. Found some interesting news — sent her. Discussed. Happened to you something funny shared. Joke cool colleague said to her. Sometimes even so that when something really cool or unusual, you dial her number and report it, so to speak, personally.

But when nothing happens and you each other do not contact, too, are normal. Running man.

7. Do you like to spend time with her

Remember I often wrote with a loved one, you can walk for an hour in the evening after work and be interesting? This is from the same Opera. You really interesting just to walk with her down the street and talk. No matter what you do together: go to the movies, see a show after work, cook a borsch, are in the same room — you are well and pleasantly together. When she’s not around, you honestly miss her. Are you even sure that she was not able to spoil any, even the most severe male company.

8. Are you willing to compromise

If a girl tells you about the need to be more tactful, understands and tries to go on a compromise (that compromise, and not impose on you my opinion), and you’re not going to agree, know that it’s not love. I was very surprised when I realized the simple fact that lover to compromise is not only possible, but quite a fine. If she get up early tomorrow and she asks you to go to bed at least an hour early, not playing until late at night, disrupting her sleep, you will sleep peacefully. And you know why? Because man needs to sleep. It’s so fucking simple! Do you think that she was good, too, are in her position and know she will feel tomorrow if you do not sleep enough. Her preferences, feelings and desires are suddenly as important as yours.

9. You start to think about the future with her

If earlier the future was depicted as «where will I be after a certain period of time?» but now the future for you «where we will be after a certain period of time?» I’m not just talking about next weekend, but relatively distant future — say, a year. Many dudes prefer not to think too far, but their prospects for the year considered. And a year do you see yourself next to her.

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