Bearded homeless guy is very lucky… Or not?


Sometimes people are satisfied, who will judge them? Of course no one! In any case, the case with a guy named Dennis we think funny and strange. Well, why is it so?

Judging from recent headlines, there is, in America, the passion for love to play bingo. Why they do it — is one thing. And that’s how it changes them…

This guy from Illinois living in a tent since 1978. And everyone is happy. Bearded dude named Dennis Muhren (Russian?) passion was lucky he bought a lottery ticket for three dollars and won 50 thousand «green».

First, the homeless guy wiped with a protective layer and was sure that he had won $ 1,000. The guy was thrilled the money and went to pick up the win. But on the point of issuing the money he said he erased the wrong, and in fact won 50 thousand.

What do our wealthy? First, he buys a new tent, and secondly, he will distribute to their friends to the homeless at $ 100. As with the rest of the money? The rest of the money, Dennis is going to do anything.

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