Bearded Australian outlaw Ned Kelly


Dude, Ned Kelly is to Australia — a real hero, in a sense, Robin hood. But the identity is still not clear: some consider him a hero who fought for the freedom of Australia with the colonial authorities, and others consider it an ordinary robber who killed police officers.

However, the popularity he got after he played a much more famous and the legendary Mick Jagger. And do not say that this is not so, friend? Without Jagger about another thief, no one would have remembered.

Your predatory Ned path began after police Alexander Fitzpatrick 15 APR 1878 molested his younger sister Kate. Constable accused of attacking the entire family of weeks. However, he had reason — he came to the police station with a bullet through his hand. The course itself was shot, but I don’t believe it.

However, in those dashing years the police somehow not strongly enforce the law. Ned planted in childhood for stealing pigs, he did not steal, for stealing horses, which he actually rented. And it was a totally different horse. In short, the detectives they are in Australia somehow was not enough, and planted mostly those who passed on the trouble. However, Kelly still differed bad temper and he often fought with the police for that and sat down at the age of 16 for three years.

Despite this reputation, Ned was not stupid Hillbillies: he was schooling, he was not a stupid man. In addition, man was distinguished by his bravery and skill: once in his childhood he saved the boy who fell into the river.

After the incident, sister and mother put in jail, and Ned, along with his brother Dan disappeared in an unknown direction. The government announced the guys outside the law, but they formed a gang and began to earn his living by stealing cattle. In ambush by the police, the boys had to kill two policemen who tried to catch them.

In 1878, Kelly has written an open letter to the British colonial authorities, denouncing their arbitrariness and their brilliant crime-solving, which worked on the principle «let this man be a criminal.» The letter concealed by the authorities, but dispersed around Australia in an infinite number of copies. So he became a national hero.

In 1878 and 1879 years were the two most high-profile Bank robberies. Witnesses told amazing things. The gang members treated their hostages alcoholic drinks, entertained with their stunts on horseback, undressed police officers and locked them in prison while they themselves were dressed in the form. A Bank robbery was accompanied by the burning of the mortgages of honest citizens that frees them from debts to banks.


The glory of the «people’s advocate» ned Kelly did not prevent even the fact that he killed cops and even one member of the gang, which is rumored to be «knocking» on the Kelly gang to the police. What is the glory of ned still stood on the fact that by the standards of Australians it was good enough bro. He was also charismatic and had a lovely aristocratic manners. I wonder where he learned that?

BUT Weeks was captured and hanged on 11 November 1880 in Melbourne. Did not help him even a petition for pardon, signed 32 thousands of people. The last request of the week was a simple request to be buried next to his mother, but she was not satisfied: he was buried in a common grave.

In fact, we would not began to write about for weeks, if not for one thing: the dude has 130 years buried where he was supposed to. The elongated body from a mass grave were identified and handed over to the family of the robber. Now hero can sleep peacefully.

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