Bear Grylls — eat the eyes of the Buffalo and to survive at any cost

A question of survival since childhood, cared for me, a man who grew up on adventure novels, read a lot of social utopias and became a total mess on survival in the Apocalypse. I always thought that to build a bow and arrows, learn to climb trees, catch up, get their food and fresh water — here is a list of necessary skills for those who want to survive. With age, I realized that survival skill is much more difficult than imagined before: I need to treat the wounds, to cope with parasites, to learn how to build a fire, find shelter and do a lot of things where the important training.

I would have remembered bear Grylls, if not the letter of one of readers who asked us to tell about this man. Bear Grylls actually the same man that you never forgot, which was always in your memory, because it is almost as memetichnaya, like Chuck Norris.

In fact, dude’s name is Bear. Bear is a nickname given to him for outstanding rigor, and which is perfectly complemented by his surname Grylls (almost like a grizzly bear). Actually guy’s name is Edward Michael Grylls, he’s British and son of a prominent politician. Dad was not a typical politician, he instilled son a love for climbing and the ability to raft under sail, a man carried a love of those two things throughout his life, and as an adult, even bought myself a real houseboat. The severity are drawn from Michael, even when he was a teenager: dude has earned a black belt in Shotokan karate.


Bear knew what he wanted from life, so after school he joined the British army to become even more steep. The army immediately sent him to peel potatoes and in a rather dubious in terms of comfort places: in the Himalayas, West Bengal and several other similar places. In 1997, the man was the youngest bro, who managed to climb to the peak of AMA Dablam in the Himalayas, the height of which is 6 858 m. in Order to consolidate its severity and to learn more diverse skills, man enters the forces. At the same time he is doing something that might deprive us of the program «to Survive at any cost». Dude so landed badly after a jump and damaged three vertebrae and 18 months spent in rehab.

In this time he wrote several books about his amazing adventures, discovering in himself the ability to put words into sentences and pronounce a motivational speech. So Grylls has become known.

But the man again was restless. The man, who survived a spinal injury, decided to go to conquer Everest. The guy knew how to go to the dream. Many years ago Michael’s father gave him a poster with a picture of this rugged mountain, which killed a lot of people who dare to wish for the conquest of this giant. His whole life Bear longed to climb to the top of the mountain has fulfilled that dream. Past climbing a mountain in the Himalayas was training. This time, struggling with dehydration, disgusting weather, cold wind and getting into the «death zone» (the area with obscenely high degree of air discharge), Bear became the youngest British person in the world who conquered Everest — at the time he was 23 years old. Bitch, it’s cool! Climbing this mountain man also wrote the book «the Boy who conquered Everest».


For the first time the man appeared in a commercial for deodorant «Rexona», which was based on the record of his ascent to the mountain — so he became known.

In 2003, the Bear is once again demonstrating suicidal tendencies when in the company of desperate men are sent on an open inflatable boat to cross the North Atlantic. Grylls knew that this challenge draws attention to the suffering of the spectacle of the crowd, and this helped the children to raise money for the charity. Because it really was a real feat, shows, Grylls was awarded the title of rear Admiral in the Royal Navy. It made him incredibly famous and popular in Europe, and Grylls immediately offered to do original shows on the service in the French foreign Legion, but rather about basic military training. The show was a huge success: everyone wants to see how man passes through the difficulties and tempers, instead of having to go at least to the gym.

The popularity of about service in the Legion he brought even more fame and other Goodies, and the Discovery channel asked him to record the show, for which we know the Grylls we all «Survive at any cost.» The essence of the program for those who are not in the subject, that indefatigable beara throw in the most amazing parts of the world where it with a knife and rope shows how you can survive in any conditions. But most of the viewers love beara it is for the fact that the man drinks pee, eats feces and sleeping inside the sheep, even though from the point of view of survival, it is perfectly acceptable. You still don’t eat when they come to a Northern Fox! Though, most likely, we’re definitely going to die, and our corpses will be wandering Bear Grylls knife, occasionally exclaiming: «How much protein!»

manygoodtips.com_26.12.2013_jVrQM40N2NCTnThe series was hugely popular: the audience of more than 1.2 billion viewers worldwide! His example Grylls shows what people can adapt to anything, but I personally think that adapting to anything maybe that’s Bear Grylls. In 2007, Grylls once again showed the world that he was not just invented by the Discovery channel the character, and quite a vibrant personality that can throw something of this sort. Dude was the first in the world (!), who was flying the paramotor in Himalayas, rising above the Everest. Next year Bear conquers the mountains of Antarctica! As in this way of life Grylls has managed to create three children? Or he can do it at a distance?

The guy has done many more amazing feats to that list, you will need more than one text, but I think that’s enough. The man in his example, showed that people survived in the evolutionary struggle is justified, then to generate lots of useless vegetables, which would not have been able to survive in those conditions, exposed to Grylls.

Lovers to gain weight should also pay attention to the old Bear. Man, incidentally, really strong, in great shape and can do things on the brink of human capabilities. But he didn’t have much muscle mass, he’s nimble, quick, agile and not drysch. However, he served in many forces and can give a good kick that makes it even cooler.

Should add a bit of tar on the end of a knife. Sometimes Grylls does all the things without which, in theory, could do. This is done probably for the sake of rankings, although, like me, Bear is not looking for easy ways. This dude’s honor and glory!


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