Be original: give a close canned bugs


In contemporary society consumption has a significant disadvantage: few truly original gifts. But decides to fight this injustice. Today’s guest of our article… can of canned beetles, Scorpions and other insects.

You must realize that in the event of the Apocalypse you have to eat garbage to survive. You can start now. Assortment of canned insects is really impressive. Then you and Scorpions, and water beetles, and crickets home, the uterus of some ants, bamboo caterpillars and a special yummy: dung beetles. Some of the canned, by the way, additionally flavored, for example, cheese and bacon, and some have pods of this chili.

Canned food can be purchased both by individual banks and the entire set at once. Just a set of 6 jars. Bon appetit. The creators recommend you have the dung beetles with sour cream, if th.


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