Be indispensable


No one is indispensable, in fact, absolutely everyone can be replaced. Absolutely! People quietly find a new love, new friends and sometimes think they are better than the old times in many thousands of times. That’s life, man, otherwise if anyone of irreplaceable people died, everything collapsed at the same time. But the world is somehow worth it, and so no one is indispensable. Another thing to seem all indispensable. This is a valuable resource, man, especially if you really useful. What does it mean to be indispensable? And how does one become such?

What does it mean

If we take a look into a dictionary, the secondary meaning of the word «indispensable» — the one without which it is impossible to do. It is absolutely logical, and smells like Captain Obvious. Roughly speaking, indispensable — the one without whom the group live can not, without him the party will be boring and frustrating. Despite all the ideals of a liberal society and democracy, most people prefer not to be at the point of attack, not to be bright, prominent and charismatic, not to undertake some important work and not to work overtime. The latter we can’t do from the point of view of mentality, I call it «syndrome the only guy who visits the couple». The point is that you are, say, a normal person who is studying in the final year, running and otherwise thinking about the diploma. But when you come in pairs, you realize that they are sitting three cripples, and all the rest of them do not appear. And then it happens that you come alone. You think you’re not a redhead, so you do nothing so different from people who are stupider than you, so, too, no longer attend so often. A similar situation happens in different departments, where there is the opportunity to take bribes. There comes a man, bribes fundamentally will not take, and then realizes that they are willing to take people are not stupider than him, and bends under the people.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to not be distinguishable from one another and mediocre than vivid and irreplaceable.

Why is it important to be needed?

If you find that somewhere play an indispensable role, you will immediately have a sense of inner satisfaction with the situation. You have more opportunities to realize ambitions, to love creative work and to go on the path that you have set yourself. Our aspirations shattered often not of failure, but a banal «dude, you’re doing nothing, come on». When you feel that is an important part of business and without you it would not thereby or at all destroyed, you have a powerful incentive. If you play an indispensable role in the team, common cause, the family, you have a huge support from your «supporters». The greater your satisfaction with the process, the more your sense of his own indispensability. If you’re irreplaceable, you probably have a great marriage. If you’re a great friend, you’re probably going to have some amazing spiritual kinship. If you have your own niche in your favorite business, you know that you’ve found the path to the future, and life is filled with meaning and a sense of self-esteem, and without assistance.

And how can this be?

The key here is finding the trails that you’re uniquely qualified. Pick her up and follow her. You’re better versed in office software on the computers, thus, does not understand anyone else? Help the girls choose the style correctly to make the table in Excel. Can, even learn a little bit, it is useful. Don’t tell anyone, keep their secrets to themselves. Of course, sometimes you need to tell your boss how you do it, but no more than a consultant, a spy who works against itself.

Think about the future. Anyone can respond to the present, but it becomes meaningful only when it is relevant to the future. If you’re serious in the long term, you can configure other people, your family members or team. So you will be inspiration. A great example is Steve jobs (Yes, I know what to cite as an example!). His friends invented what they are not even considered useful, but he looked into the future, said that they are wrong and quickly corrected the situation. For that he will remain in the memory of a generation. And Apple.

There are still many more ways to become indispensable, but the important thing to know is how to adapt to the circumstances around you, use your talents to the extent possible, to become a useful member of society. If you ever see a man who needs help, do not pass go, do not neglect and ignore, and ask yourself: «Can I need?»

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