Be healthy! Much better than any new year promises

All around is so much talk about plans and promises for the New year, it’s getting a little scary. If all of these people embody their ideas in life, January 1, we Wake up in a totally unfamiliar world, and surround us are a very strange people: look familiar and behave like strangers. You used your friend eating pizza at midnight while watching the American Comedy — 1 January, he will suddenly turn into a adept of a healthy lifestyle. You used that your friend goes in jeans and sweaters, and January 1, she will meet you flying dress. What it is, I did not sign it, I don’t want this new life! How is it good that not everyone have the patience to start it. And it is not necessary.

Then what you need? Not to mold myself a new man, and a little help yourself. Much better than any promises to yourself for the New year — at least a balance between food and movement.

1. Eat greens at least once a day

First, it is simple. Secondly, it is inexpensive. Thirdly, it is useful. Greens — an excellent antioxidant, it gives energy and even, say, Judith. And have immunity to say thanks! Spinach, lettuce, arugula (BUE-uh) is what you need. At least throw the meat in the morning omelet and soup.

2. Move and get pleasure from it

Why sport has been so few people? They usually begin to do something that brings them pleasure. If you enjoyed his workout and was glad each time to her, you have no idea and would have appeared about how to quit! I hate cardio — don’t need to run. Go to the gym, buy yourself a kettlebell or dumbbell (or both), start to engage in the program of push-UPS — options are actually weight!

3. Drink more green tea

Don’t give up on coffee, just add to your routine a few breaks on the green tea and the benefits to body and mind.

4. To read more for pleasure

A recent study found that if you read the book at least six minutes a day reduced stress by 68 percent. Unexpected results! (By the way, who is generally thought to conduct such a study? As they previously thought?) Unlike watching TV, reading helps the brain to relax from the constant stimulation, which you bombard it during the day. Reading helps to calm down and take in the fantasy. So read the books at least ten minutes before bedtime! You can even come up with a challenge and overcome a book a week.

5. Often cuddle with my woman

Physical displays of affection are beneficial to health, happiness level and even to the size of your belly. Yes, dude, someone even researched this question! When people hug, they have reduced the pressure, stress levels and cortisol, a stress hormone. So, depression, you do not Shine, if you’re not afraid of snotty hugs — so what is wrong then in the end? Hugs increase the level of serotonin and thus make you feel happier, calmer and more confident. Hug therapy rogue.

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