Be careful not to destroy your marriage, if you managed to get married, then you should make every effort to keep the family together. Especially if you live with your beloved wife and you have children. How long this went on, but it is only half the battle. Just remember how you were made, how to care for her, your first kiss, sex and more.

You both did a lot for that relationship, now you need to try not to destroy them. Believe me, then you will be too hard to find new decent girl. If you’re not one of those types who used to stick his dick in every female that don’t mind. You’re not a prostitute, in the end, a decent man with his little, but family. We’ll call you five common mistakes in a relationship, which at any moment can be a fatal mistake.

1. You don’t have to be the best couple

In the sense that you and so awesome, with it nobody argues, but we are a little on the other. Maybe your wife, or even you yourself look at your lovers friends and you think that they are much better that you, compared to them, strangers. You know, we about those couples who, every nanosecond, kiss each other’s cheeks and nose. They Lisp their faces smile and they never fight.

No. Seriously. You need it? You still don’t understand what’s so stupid does not happen? They’d run through the year with a wild scandal. Don’t try to show his beloved, something like: «Here look, and she gives him the brain can not stand…». It’s safe to say you would and he didn’t last long in such an atmosphere. So it is not worth starting a row over such a corny couple. You have their relationship, and they have — their own.

2. Don’t forget about the meeting with friends

Not only does periodically go on an impromptu bachelor party, but let her quietly to meet her friends. There must not be jealousy. So you have to explain to the girlfriend/wife will not be there customized cheap prostitutes: you just go to drink beer with friends.

Of course, such parties will discuss personal life, family, and other problems. But it’s good. A great way to make sure again that there are problems not only in your family. And that little quarrel is normal.

3. You do not properly understand the proximity

So, maybe your friend knows every mole on your body and can easily determine that a certain area of your skin will soon have a new pimple, but it does not mean that you have to have such knowledge about her body. You don’t need to know about every flaw of her body, of course, if it does not threaten her life.

It’s like a hamburger. You don’t have to know how he prepares, if you like it is and it is really tasty. If you still have no idea what we will have to explain. Here’s an example. She urinates on the toilet and you’re standing next to and brushing my teeth. For some reason many think that a higher level of trust. What? Actually, it’s disgusting. Indeed, soon you will have no mysteries to each other. Do not turn into a disgusting couple. Need to feel the face.

4. Don’t compare

A little more about the couple from the first paragraph. If you really know these, then you’re probably just not quite close with them. Just some people have the unique ability «not to wash dirty linen in public». In the company they are just perfect. And you definitely would like such a relationship. But sooner or later this soft ball will burst and you will witness a tremendous fight.

Yes, you’re probably a little amazed. You thought them an ideal couple, and wanted to be equal to them. In fact, they have already accumulated enough hatred to each other that they just couldn’t throw out. They had to keep up. So better don’t compare your relationship with others. It is not known what is hidden under these masks.

5. Sections responsibilities

Gender equality is a hot topic in the next 100 years. Do not ask her too much. You have already imposed model of the family where the wife does all the housework, and the husband does not even touch these cases. But you probably forgot that now she also works in the same way as you. So you are on equal footing. You can’t tell her: «I’m the breadwinner in the family, and you, woman, go to cook borsch of those products I bought for our family.»

No, it doesn’t work. It is also investing in the family budget, and you continue to act like an asshole. She worked all day. Then come all the way across town in traffic to go home, then another few hours to stand at the stove, because you need to eat. And you, meanwhile, zasyadesh TV or the laptop. And you don ohrenel? Get off your ass and offer her his help. It will probably be pleasantly surprised. Your wife is not one of those who grumbles and drives her husband. After all, you’re caring and loving.

See less on the other. No one can give you sensible and sincere advice. Only you know how to solve a particular problem. Well, we will try you from her to warn.

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