Be better: how to meet friends that they stayed with you

We recently found a serious problem of modern men who expose themselves to the light, and in the first few minutes of meeting with friends. If you’re one of those sufferers that sleep alone at night after a ridiculous experience, not knowing what he said or did, then these tips are for your understanding of women. The fact that some errors are obvious, but you diligently do not notice.

1. You dress shitty

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_mTYAfiTAcrdEBCorny, but it just so happened that all the people absolutely always jump to conclusions. And women have succeeded even more than men. We have already got used that girls look prettier wearing makeup than without makeup. And if they see you broken and dirty, will think that you are. That is, all these superficial things that are alien to the romance, the clothes, the clean hair, Cologne — all of this is important when you meet a friend.

There is also the following logical connective: «If he can’t take care of himself, how he take care of me?». This is a healthy form of selfishness, that we of our friends can not blame. If they see a man watching her appearance, carefully choosing a suit for a meeting with them, they have concluded that they face a motivated male, not some lowlife out of the gate.

To dress stylishly and expensively dressed, things are different, and sometimes incompatible. Dear leopard jacket would be pimp, but even then in the eyes of many friends, it would have looked cheap. So, the main thing do not overdo it with style. Best things — the ones that make you feel better and look neat and clean.

2. Promote yourself correctly

Most of us are complete idiots when it comes to self-promotion. And don’t tell us what to promote yourself — it’s gone. We all do it. Just some do it disgusting, while others well, and therefore attract gorgeous women, losers have to settle for girls who go to the left, take out the brains and generally ruining someone’s life.

Let’s say you’re lucky to have a place under the sun and earn a lot of money (fantasize). You have two cars, a big house and a great career. Like, all it needs to attract a bunch of friends that will be true. But what kind of it will be friend? Much more correct, instead of throwing gold dust into the eyes of the girl, telling her about his work. Let them know that you are an outstanding professional who is passionate about their work — do not be another word about Finance.

Or, for example, you want to be gallant with the girl, but it turns out you’re very funny, too obtrusive insist on paying the bill at every opportunity; open the door; put in front of her chair like a Butler. Don’t get us wrong. Care to the girl is good. But the kinks with this exhibit you some fool who wants badly to please.In General, many of your actions are based on the false assumption that girls consciously choose what they like about you. But it’s not. They can experience the attraction that grows with subtle hints and not explained logically. The train is not a conscious choice, it feels much more subtle, primitive and animal level.

Besides, women from the point of view of advertising legend David Ogilvy, 10 times more sensitive to body language than men. Therefore, they see the real you through the subtleties of body language. Positive qualities not advertise the clumsily how to market watermelons: «the best and cheapest watermelon! You will not regret, I swear!». Be smarter than that.

3. Be confident

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_VJV8a8MMW9zXvWe know that the Council is «all you have to do is be confident» is very hackneyed and resembles a void in a vacuum. Besides, it is difficult to feel confidence when it is not. But without it there will be no trust from the girls, and without trust and girls is no will.

To be sure, we must not just chant the mantra: «I can, I am strong, I am confident in myself.» You need not it, but the real reason to believe that you have plenty of good qualities that you can be proud of. By themselves, they will not appear, but if you will follow their appearance, exercise, participate in charity (girls love compassionate), test yourself in the work, educate yourself, then you we are sure will become a strong and confident person.

And do not have to master all these lessons, the main thing is just to start.

4. You think that just do not know how to care

Psychologists share the mindset fixed and growth mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, you think in this way: «In this country will not achieve anything»; «I will never have sex»; «I Have a bad job and always will be»; «I’m just not able to care». Get rid of this boredom and go on the rails mindset of growth, which tell us that there is no limit to perfection and no such crap that can’t be improved.

If you start to think differently, you will realize that you can develop in any direction. Just have to study intensively and to practice.

In dealing with women there is no gift. Some guys are natural talents, we do not deny. But others train themselves and become masters of Dating, being nervous, insecure, and clumsy. If you’re one of those shaking hamster with a trembling voice, you just need to get out of the comfort zone. No need to be polite when meeting, show some arrogance and insolence. A polite man who behaves provocatively arouses interest among friends is more than just a polite person. And, of course, will not be superfluous to consult with their buddies who without difficulty find a pair to night, maybe they have their own secrets.

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