Be a Snitch and earn Xbox


Do you think that police work is kind of silly and ineffective? Apparently, the police thinks so too, at least in Louisiana, in America. Sheriff Greg Champagne is offering for help in finding an elusive bully who is shooting at the Windows of houses and cars with a gun, the reward… a brand new Xbox One. So, my friend knows how to attract the attention of people and especially teenagers.

The fact that the County of the town of Saint Carlos terrorized by a vandal, who smashes Windows of houses and cars with a shotgun. Dude can’t catch for what reason is unknown. Apparently, Greg believes that the detention of the offender — a matter of honor, if you are ready for this case to fork out the amount needed to purchase the new consoles. By the way, is 429 euros.

In principle, the police want to catch the vandal yourself. Otherwise the Sheriff will have to buy for Christmas a new console not yourself.

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