Be a man: don’t let her

There is no advice that would be true for all relationships, but somehow everything always give advice on what to do. In fact, many tips work, especially when they are logical and come from our magazine. The problem is that the relationship is nothing but special cases. Someone can survive a long-distance relationship, someone who can forgive his beloved for the betrayal, someone can be friends with an ex. Of course, the reasons for this may be many, and if a good deal, it becomes clear why someone is forgiven, and someone began to live after parting soul to soul, but somehow the General rule is always there. Most often they are based on personal experience and very subjective.

To the girl it is necessary to be tolerant and understanding. In the case, of course, if you want to live with her long enough and pleasant. But there are things that should not do not what to forgive, even to prevent their appearance in your life is not worth it. Put the red flags and ban this crap and not treat this with understanding.

1. Cheating

As a rule, the hoax appears in a relationship from either side, when you lose the respect or the fear comes in. If it happened once or twice during the honeymoon period, and you can forgive, but if your girlfriend is suffering from this disease with an enviable constancy, you should seriously think about the problem. Treason is the highest form of deception, and if once you can forgive someone who went out of the way, the second time to forgive this foolishness.

There are couples who live by the passions. Once a year she is cheating on him, they fight, they break up, then come again and start living together with a new passion. Then he cheats on her, and it all starts again. On such pairs it is possible to speak long enough, it is clear that they were not all right. If partner is cheating on you and does it with enviable regularity, why not send this arrogant bitch to hell, man? You can forgive once, but forgive many times is too much. You will sit on your neck, behind your back they will say that you’re a spineless pussy-whipped and other stuff, which still have reason to forgive her?

2. She reads your texts and correspondence in social networks

Not only that, it feels like you’re under the hood, Muller, and thoughts about trust. Without trust, nothing happens. It is difficult to go to sleep in the bed with the man and think he’ll stick a knife in the back. Such thoughts disturb sleep, and relations covered with hundreds of small cracks. If a girl picks in your correspondence, this is the first sign that relations lack of trust. Or she’s paranoid, too.

3. Disrespect

It could be anything: she tells you to shut up during an argument; she hangs up when you say; she is rude to your parents. If a girl can suddenly become incendiary, to laugh, to cuss out and pick a fight, you need to deal with it. Maybe it’s a phase in life, and he is thus let off steam, but you don’t want to be a whipping boy?

4. The disappearance

It so happens that the person suddenly disappears for a few days and it is impossible to get through. You want to know what happened to your girlfriend, but she’s not answering your calls. Then she suddenly appears in your life again and behaves as if nothing happened. Such behavior always has a reason. Most often, the problem is that the girl tries to sit on two chairs, or rather, she has someone else. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday you have it, Friday, Saturday — it. There are other reasons, for example, the corny girl is very busy, she has problems. Should talk to her about it, but if the reaction to simple questions some inadequate, she’s most likely hiding something from you.

5. Full ignore on social networks

If the girl in the relationship, she will show the world what it is. Of course, it is worth noting that not every girl has such demonstrative behavior. Complete ignore your posts and messages in social networks, your love write on the wall that remained unanswered, look pretty suspicious. If you are Dating a couple of months, that’s fine, but if the relationship for a year, and you still ignore or even add them to friends, it’s somehow… Wrong. Though I on your place generally would with the social.networking left.

6. Consumer, «Royal» attitude

Who likes those fucking Queens who come to the cafe and begin to build poor girls as waitresses? These broody not lucky enough to work in his student years at eight hours a day, studying full-time, so they behave like a fucking lush ladies.

She is rude to the waiter for some nonsense; she expects that you will ask for leave from work just to drive her to the store; she walks with a haughty expression on his face and treats everyone like shit.

Generally, such behavior can tell a lot about a person. Even if a girl licks you from all sides, we should not forget that if she treats people, she should be in principle capable of it.

7. Excessive desire to argue

In a dispute born truth! Personally, I fully agree with this statement. It is worth noting only one: it has to be an argument, not a quarrel, shouting: «You don’t even understand me!» Once in a heading «Ask a friend» we had a question about a very uprtou girl. Our expert from the «chicken coop» noted that often this attitude happens to girls who are sure that they are always right. That’s really a problem. There’s nothing worse than a man who is sure that he is always right. He’s a kid, for it has no other opinions but his own. As a true solipsist, this man believes that all the other people he is the worst a priori, since it is only the interior of his «hunting grounds». If she ever agree with the opinion of others, it will end its exclusivity, it will be a loss that she’d never forgive myself. Try to explain to her that she can’t be always right: it is simply impossible. If she will not understand and will continue to argue for the sake of argument, go: she will drink you blood!

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