Be a man, beat women.

What idiots did not involve this Land. Especially America. She is able to: idiots do

Here are a resident of Massachusetts forever made his name in the annals of idiotic crimes. 34-year-old Keith Paro (Paro Keith) got into a big fight with his girlfriend, who doesn’t? A friend went to the bathroom to suffer and to bathe, and he went into the room. And no idiot would just go and score on this matter: women are almost all meaningless, there is as lucky. So the cat decided to take revenge. And an extremely stupid revenge.

As weapons he chose Python that was sleeping in his cage under the bulbs. Pito went into the bathroom, where his passion which lay in the hot water, and began feverishly to beat his wife with a Python. When you are finished, Paro threw the snake in unnecessary hot water. The Python died. And the cat disappeared.

The woman remained alive: some minor cuts and bruises. Python was probably soft.

However, November 1, Paro has surrendered to authorities. He put forward a whole bunch of charges: destruction of property, assault, battery, cruelty to animals.

Python is a pity, he is not guilty.



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