BBQ vs grill

Summer is over, but there is still a lot of warm days that you can spend on the street in the company of friends and just good people. If you invite them on the porch, they will be hungry, hungry, specially because every guest knows that his master was well fed, pull out your grill or grill a couple of steaks in the brick barbecue. Meat cooked in the open air — the best meat in a person’s life. But it happens that the owner has no grill or barbecue. This means only one thing — he must be aware of the benefits of each system and to choose one or the other. And now is the best time to figure things out.


Let’s start with the weakest link, which, nevertheless, has a number of positive features. The grill is a simple design of the grill, which originated in the middle East. The word «barbecue» is of Arab origin. Real BBQ is a copper or clay bowl on legs with a wide brim, two handles and a hemispherical cap.

But in Russia, called the grill almost every thing we cook barbecue. For example, if you make a small box out of sheets of metal that attach to her legs and flip her hot, then you will already have a grill. Mobility, easy carrying, low cost — the main advantages of this device for roasting meat. But barbecues are extremely low life: they quickly lose their attachment wedge, and rely on them in crucial moments — a more expensive. However, if you acquire a cast iron grill, you instantly lose all possible troubles associated with hot. As a rule, cast iron grills are used for many years. Braziers of steel — a different story. We would not recommend buying this, if its thickness is not more than 5 mm (1 mm at 1 year of life).

If you want to simplify your life with the grill and make the cooking process more enjoyable, the design is better to foresee the following options:

— Pull-out ash pan should be placed under the grate.

It facilitates the process of cleaning the grill.


— The possibility of lifting and lowering the frame with skewers, a grill grid or grates. This will allow you to change the intensity of heating: if many coals and the heat from them is strong, it is possible to raise the bars, so as not to overheat the food; if the coal is already burned, and the new kindle not want, the box with skewers or a grill grate can be omitted.

Cover with reflector of stainless steel. It will significantly reduce cooking time. This will reduce the number of carcinogens in meat. In cross section the cap is usually done in the form of a semicircle and no side walls — this simplifies the chimney. The front edge of the cover rests on the grill only at the edges. For what remains of the length of the formed slit to she didn’t lean on the handles of the skewers and allow them to rotate.

— A slide gate to control the degree of openness Poddubny holes. It facilitates the ignition and adjusts the intensity of the blowing.

— Robust and comfortable handle for transporting the grill. It is better that they were located on the lateral surfaces.Verdict: the grill is a good tool if you need to fry the meat somewhere far from home, but as a constant companion carnivore can only recommend a cast iron grill that will last a long time.

BBQ brick

Barbecue is a different class. The word itself first appeared in the historical book «Chronicle of Peru» — it is written by a Spaniard in the XVI century. The book is excellent: about Indian civilization, their customs, traditions of statehood. «Barbacoa» is an Indian method of cooking meat, learned about the conquistadors as soon as they set foot on the American continent. Method looked like this: meat that was stocked in the way, dried in the sun, but that it flies flocked around it kindled a small smoky fires. There is a bloody legend though barbacoa is the name of the grid, a tribe of Taino Indians, which is slow roasted… people.

Whatever the history, today, a brick-built barbecue (we’ll speak about this) is one of the best ways of cooking meat. If you’re lucky enough to be in any American suburb, where live a family of people with very strong principles, you will see that there men regarded the construction or purchase their own brick barbecue as a real achievement in life.

BBQ facilities are proud of, it is made with soul and for ages. BBQ is a complex project as building a house (maybe a little easier), and in contrast to the grill, it gives the meat a great flavor of wood due to the smoke box, which is installed above the cooking surface. The versatility of the barbecue allows you to cook any dish, which is known on this side of the galaxy.

Design BBQ

Let us examine in more detail the design of a barbecue. It is very different from the design of the outdoor fireplace, which is designed only for heating food, not for full cooking.

So, barbecue grills built of brick, concrete blocks and stone. Often, brick BBQ kit metal inserts that constitute the above-described barbecue, only without legs. Of course, any BBQ must be the chimney, smoke box and firebox, which is set either on the legs or on the hill. May also be additional functionality in the form of an oven, smoker, tandoor, bread oven any other oven.

Barbecue grills should be placed at the level of 9-10 rows of bricks to not cause discomfort, and you didn’t have much to lean.

When you install the grill grate we recommend you to focus on your own growth. To play be sure to make removable, to be able to remove it for storage to prevent corrosion.

Burner barbecue designed for cooking in the heat from charcoal and gas barbecues are extremely rare, it is easier to put the gas stove. The food itself can be placed on the grill, skewers or spit. Today, the BBQ ovens are often equipped with automatic spit. The motor is attached outside the furnace, and the torque from the engine to the spit is transmitted through the clutch passes through the cardan.

A good furnace has an excellent ability to accumulate heat and warm, like a fireplace or a bonfire. Traction is provided by a good masonry chimney, which plays a key role in the design. Sustainability is another criterion for a good barbecue made of brick. Special attention should be paid to the availability of places for storage of firewood, charcoal, plates and other fixtures that may be needed in the frying process. Various brushes, tweezers, blades convenient to hang on hooks that you can attach to the side wall of the barbecue.

Anyway, if you want to build your own backyard real barbecue, one you will not cope. The beautiful garden includes barbecue part, oven under the cauldron, smokehouse, cooking stove, counter tops and sinks — all that difficult to make one. Therefore, we recommend to contact the professionals from the respective construction companies. One of tested by us is the company «raslovo-Masonry», which for many years engaged in the construction of fireplaces and barbecues, bringing new engineering solutions, which make the meat tastier.

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