Battle Of The Nations understand that many people do not like all that stupid cross-dressing, which involved adults outside of the bed. Well, what the hell knight when your armor is made out of tin cans, and armor breaks through the usual prison Shiv? But after watching the latest «Battle of the Nations» we have slightly changed my opinion.

So, what is it? First and foremost, is a sport, and an unusual and quite dangerous. Dude, Reds for ages, once a year flock to a certain place, in 2015, this place was the Czech Republic, and arrange a real slaughter, which takes place on the lists (arena fights). In battles only use offensive and defensive weapons, which has its own historical analogues, proven scientific methods (in the form of evidence used in various historical records as well as prints of historical or scientific studies).

That members do not kill each other, it was decided to «humanize» the weapon. What does it mean? It’s just rounded edges and attack angles. Each round lasts 1.5 minutes. And yet people have time to send some very unlucky members to the hospital. This game is definitely not for wimps.

So people started to beat each other with stones and say that it was authentic in the stone age, was a certain period of time, namely the XIII-XVII century. Within these eras you can choose any melee weapon and armor. However, it is impossible to take the sword of the XIII century, and the shield, XV, as, again, the organizers are very serious about the authenticity of this event.

It is the competition is run as follows. The participants are national teams, who come from almost all corners of our planet. A participant can only be a person who has reached 18 years of age and have citizenship of the country from which acts. Before you get to the main event, participants are selected and within the country to be in the national team. In addition, for the first time the fighting took place in Khotyn (Ukraine), and their members were Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland. So not without reason, we can say that the beginning of such a great event put Slavic countries.

The competition itself is held over several days, where there are multiple nominations:


1. Match triathlon

Fight one on one. Goes for three rounds, each of which fighters have different weapons. The first battle is held on one and a half swords, the second with the usual sword and shield-the buckler, and the third with the usual shield and a normal sword. It all looks quite spectacular, but in the early stages rarely when there are two equal opponent. Many are just not as cool prepared.


2. The fight

Again the battle alone. But this time each round lasts three minutes with pre-selected weapons. There is already much more interesting to watch the duel, as the participants always choose what you feel more confident.

3. Five by five

Group battle. Best spectacle. Passes to two victories of one team, with no time limit, as failure is always knocking out the fighter of the opposing team. If he fell, he lost, simple as that. In this competition you see the true power of the will of man, when his entire team was demolished, he’s beaten three fighters, but he still kept on his feet and tries to resist. Bent helmets and concussion, a split eyebrow and broken armor. Overall, it is really cool.

4. Royal nomination

It is a mass battle «21 vs 21». Serious the grinder. But again, due to the different level of teams could go very quickly. Trained unit can carry a young team for a couple of minutes. Very cruel, where the great value is played by tactics and team play.

5. All vs all

The biggest battle of the tournament. In this competition involved all the men of all the participating countries. The men who decided to participate in this carnage, are divided into 2 clearly group level, but at the same time so that the representatives of one country were in the same group. Points are awarded to those teams who were on the winning side.

Well, of course, there is a nomination, which take place outside the framework of open conflict. This first small tournament (bow and crossbow), a competition for the best field camp and competition of armor. In General, it seems to us that, except for a small tournament, nothing particularly tough about it, while women quite like it.

By the way, the more interesting the sport specifically for us? One of the best teams is the national team of Russia, which the RAM passes through many of the opposing team. Many fear her and hold her in battle for a long time, is already a big success. So for them to never be ashamed and they fight to the last.

Why is really a men’s sport? And in General there is fighting and ladies, well, as without equality, but in most cases, are fighting among men. And let the mortality is almost eliminated, they still are quite tough. You not only have exceptional health, strength, but also to be able to think a head at that moment, when it hit a huge metal sword. People fall into a rage, and no longer control myself, the freedom to go the true essence of man, who is ready to break, crush and defeat the enemy.

If you will be able to get to a tournament, don’t let her. This may be the most brutal event in which you will see in my entire life. And best of viqui a sword, wear armor and take part in it. Get a few concussions and probably end up in lists of the best fighters of the country.

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