Battle of stoicism: use the old philosophy

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_ZCyugggZGc3CoPhilosophy is really very useful, especially if you know how to apply it in practice. However, the history of human thought interesting and useful to everyone for General guidance. Jedi knights, Spock from Star Trek and a few tough guys of the old westerns have a lot in common. They are all the Stoics — the supporters of the old Greek philosophy that has not only survived, but flourished over the past 2,300 years of its existence. This stoicism can be seen in actions and in every sarcastic monologue of John McClane or Clint Eastwood.

Made that Zenon of Kition — the man who didn’t like the dirt and poverty of the cynics. Developed the idea of the legendary Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who made a compilation of the most successful speech and ideas of the Stoics under the name «For himself.» This work Marcus Aurelius serves as a great guide for followers of stoicism and inspiration for philosophers, writers and world leaders.

Applied philosophy of life

Life, assure us most of the Stoics, is a river with a strong current. No matter how hard you paddle, it’s going to end someday, and there’s nothing we can do to change the situation. Except for one thing. The one thing a person can do is decide whether or not he would cope with the flow of the river with dignity or go down in tears.

Difficulties, pain, suffering and ultimately, death — all part of life. Stoicism looks at it is perfectly natural and realistic, knowing that they are inevitable. Such a strong fatalistic approach to all the tests our way of life leads to logical thought: there are so many factors that we cannot control, instead, is to control and improve yourself.

The stoic one who is indifferent to the difficulties, but is doing everything to meet them with dignity and minimal risk. Isn’t that worthy of a hero of our time?


Of course, the early followers of stoicism understood this teaching as having to flip a switch somewhere in the depths of the mind to turn off emotion and irrationality. The inner world was a battlefield where every day you had to fight with a new rival. Then the understanding came that it is enough to develop a complex of self-restraint to not come up again a tactic of struggle with inner demons.

Rigid self-discipline, knowledge and the study itself — these are all necessary things for the eternal pursuit of the mythical personality, which the Stoics called the «true man». Understand what this is all about? It is this idea that determines such a thing as a «manly man», perhaps it makes us human in contrast to the idea that you can’t artificially limit yourself?!

The natural order

From what described above, we can deduce that the ideal view of the Universe in this philosophy — a complete distaste for the world because it is frankly unfriendly place. In fact, the Stoics are well aware that we need to live in harmony with the world, if we accept the natural order of things. If you think about it, you can understand that there is nothing that deserves special attention. One stoick argued that if you really like a favorite Cup, we need to realize that it’s just a ceramic Cup, despite the fact that you love her. If it ever breaks, you won’t be disappointed.


Despite special attention to the concept of natural order, stoicism tends to strong individualization of everything. You need not only a firm hand to control all the basic skills and the baser passions, but also to clearly define where you are, and where the influence of other people. The development of intelligence, physical abilities, control of your mind and variety of personality traits — an important part of the individualization of man. The same applies to the assertion of personal principles.

When in any Noir film private detective trying to resist corrupt city gripped by crime and the cowboy «For a fistful of dollars» is trying to curb the lawlessness that is happening in a small town, is a real stoicism, though, of course, the protagonists of these stories himself to the Stoics do not consider. Marcus Aurelius is well expressed in this regard: «People should be honest by nature and not by circumstances.»

What does it mean?

Stoicism is not to take a beating from the Universe with a smile on my face at any time of the day. It’s taking a beating from the Universe worthy, spitting blood. The Stoics firmly understand that if it’s not easy, doesn’t mean your path is not correct, and you’re doing some kind of nonsense. Easy is rare when you can easily, you have to wonder and wait for the catch. The essence of stoicism is to believe in the existence of things greater than the pleasure or pain. And these things — trying to become a «real man» and live. Simple and trite to truly live.

If you’re able to treat the blows of fate, to any difficulties or ignoring their existence, you have a chance. If you still can’t understand how the world was destroyed when you left a girl, it’s time to start learning good philosophy of the Stoics. There are so many things that are beyond our control. You can either scared to worry them, or to change or to devote himself to self-improvement, because only you yourself are able to change.

For reference, it is recommended to read more about this philosophy, to look at the works of Confucius and see the treatise of Marcus Aurelius.

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