Batman caught a criminal

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If you think this story is about another Internet personality, which fights with people walking their dogs in the wrong place, we will have to disappoint you. Today’s hero of the article is different from these guys. But not much.

In early March, in one of the police stations of the city of Bradford, in Britain, Batman brought his friend, who confessed to the theft. Sounds like bullshit, right? And it’s true. Under the guise of Batman hiding 39-year-old man named Stan Worby. As his friend and part-time dude who stole and obisnuiti someone check, was Daniel Train.

The sentence the young man made, however, details are still unknown. Yes, and not interested at all. One gets the feeling that Daniel’s tortured conscience, he and his friend confessed to the theft and asked him to take himself to the police, to which one replied, «No matter to take you to the police without an appropriate costume. Oh Yes, I have just this case was a Batman costume».

Actually the guys were returning from a football match, and on the way Daniel confessed to Stan, who was in the Batman suit. Well, at least remember, dudes.

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