Basic things for your car


Still have the car much nicer and more practical than to walk or ride on a moped. But the car needs attention, care and gentle care to drive with no problems. If you want a car you did not disappoint — take care and watch out for him, as for his girlfriend at the time of Dating. Well, in order to feel the car is quite comfortable, you should buy some accessories that are much easier life on the road. Then your car will really become your home and dependable military girlfriend. Without these things the drive — not the drive, and the car and not the car at all, but a bucket of nails: dull, unpleasant and unpleasant.

The Jack and compressor


The spare tire may not have, especially because in some machines there are no seats and instead use a set of tire repair. And here is the compressor with the floor Jack to be your obligation. I don’t care that you went from petrol to gas, don’t care if you welded the tank and in the trunk was close, because you never know when you’ll have to raise their «swallow» and pump up her tired wheels. In the eternal war between the supporters of the compressor and the pump we’re on the side first — he’s as comfortable, and itself is a universal compressor.

Rear view camera


At the Parking place it’s a mess. Well even if this place in principle. Sorry, the joy of this is not very much, because if it is so narrow and uncomfortable. In order to Park safely and do not scratch your neighbor need one of these three things: third-person view like in GTA, a parody of a car like a Smart or rear view camera.

So how to look at yourself from the height of impossible, and to buy a vacuum cleaner on wheels improper, will focus on the latter option, many who regularly helps out. Immediately obvious what’s going on behind, and issued a full image across the way. It is better to take the camera than Parking sensors: they can’t see all the small and low objects and do not show large potholes on the roads open hatches and other obstacles can damage the vehicle.



Topping up the oil, antifreeze, brake fluid is a necessary set of gentlemen. Do not have to carry the dal, filling all the Luggage space quite small quantities. If you have expensive car then it may well be that roadside collapse will not need oil.

In the long road do not interfere, and the can of emergency supply of gasoline. On most fuel injected car dry tank is the reduction of life sentence or even the fuel pump. Therefore, the stock of gasoline stands in the way to have.



The car is your mobile fortress, protecting you from the rain, from the lack of time and discomfort, but not unpleasant smells. Sources in the ugly ducky and creepy stinks can be a lot like alien (like tobacco or a package of meat, bad directly in the trunk), and the purely automotive, namely, gasoline, antifreeze, exhaust gases. Of course there are people who like specific smells, but normal people are more comfortable when there is nothing to distract from driving, especially questionable flavors.

Hanging «fir-tree» or any other chemical flavoring is not always appropriate. Sometimes they pose such a nasty smell, even the smell of exhaust fumes KAMAZ begins to seem aroma of Alpine meadows. In essence it is an attempt to kill a vile smell to others. It is better to use atizapan is so wet the sponge with holder, which «eats» all the nasty flavors, not while their own stench. It serves much longer. And of course, it’s not just a sponge, and high-tech means of combating unpleasant odors, besides no chemistry.

First aid kit, fire extinguisher sign

Talk about things that requires you DPS, namely: fire extinguisher,

emergency sign, first aid kit. If not — please moderate. Why do you have problems?


For lack of first aid kits please fine, although she herself is not very expensive. You don’t need to carry a pharmacological concern, just one car kit, which is sold in any pharmacy. Knock the stupid biker, give him a bandage, sprinkled with green paint, I threaten him that if he complains — you will find him and kill, it finds itself a hundred rubles iron coins for moral damage and drive safely.

And a fire extinguisher are also necessary, and the emergency sign in case they do need one, usually the most inopportune moment? Well, the emergency sign will certainly need a lifetime to spend on a trip without accidents, when there is full of idiots — it is a utopia.

Daytime running lights


In 2010, the SDA there is a new requirement that caused a lot of controversy and misunderstanding among the drivers at any time of the year, the day is sure to include daytime running lights, if they are not provided, it should be lit or lights, or dipped beam.

Those who are not lucky with the machine, and GHO is not meant in the picking, or have to light a large number of light bulbs burning to waste, or buy and install a set of GHO on the front bumper. With them, the load on the generator is reduced arsamene, especially since they cost reasonably and did not spoil the machine.

Child seat


Children, as known, the flowers of life, and flowers to create even beautiful, but very fragile, especially in the car. So you need to take extreme safety measures: do not drive like crazy through the busy traffic, look around and be very careful not to include Infant Anihilator child under the age of 5 years (music, of course, but at such an early age can cause harm) and to get the child seat. As a minimum, because without a seat you will be fined.

Of many chairs, all of different value and size, and unfortunately, with the growth of your child seat will have to change. Not cheap, but what can you do, children require money.

By the way, this chair is very comfortable to fall apart and to relax drunk

(in case the kids ride with you often, and comfort in life is not enough).



No matter how perfect and wonderful your car during a long drive and then feel the discomfort in different, even the order of the forgotten parts of the body. Tired neck, tired lower back, plus not everyone can afford a good car with ultra-comfortable seats, most are cheap, upholstered fabric bench, sitting on which, we can safely list all of the bones inside the priests. So you should buy various orthopedic pillows for neck, waist and other parts of the body. During a long journey or a daily hour of standing in the tube begin to fully enjoy their beauty.



Don’t forget the cloth. Any cloth. For centuries men have kept in the car rags that wipe the windshield, hands, part of a car wheel and sometimes the face. Starting from the legendary oily, dirty rags in the «Moskvich», and ending with Terry cloth, which is lying in side doors — automotive rags, not surrendering positions, will be their trouble-free service. But when the service ends, everyone decides on his own. Sometimes she does immortal.

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