Beard, as you know, a useful thing, lately its grow, understand her krutotu and usefulness. But a flurry of facial hair you can always find… Hmm… Alternative application? What? Well, these guys, for example, found. What can you do if a beard grows so well to the envy of all! No wonder the nobles so their beards were proud of (but what they still proud?).

Beardvertising is a new kind of advertising. Once and billboards on the tracks was new. Maybe stickers on the beards will also be in the future business as usual? Undoubtedly, a piece of paper that is attached to the beard guy, attracts much more attention than the huge hauling across the road. At least for the simple reason that the piece of paper on the beard is something new that we haven’t seen before.

Cornett-IMS — advertising company, offering the owners a lush facial hair $ 5 a day for what they will go about their business with a piece of paper in his beard. Not enough, of course, but the beard will not decrease.

Wishing to buy a piece of paper in his beard for $ 5 a day you need to register on the site and be as beautiful until you’re blue.

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