Barbour is the brand for real men

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2016_Ue9WTwuCxUhPcSometimes to find quality clothing, you only need one word that speaks for itself — the word is «Barbour». You must have heard about clothes that is produced of this British company. She has a century of history, the UPS and downs and, of course, well-deserved success. To Barbour there are people who appreciate quality. I have no doubt that for this reason their raincoats and jackets worn by the elite of Albion is not only the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, but even the Queen herself.

But they are our heroes, our heroes — the men on motorcycles, rock stars and guys who know a lot about how to look like a man.

First, it is among these people and was distributed star jacket you Barbour International. While the manufacturer saves costs acceptable to the widest range of buyers, so to wear their jackets, everyone can not only the fat cats with the British archipelago, but ordinary guys from Russian cities.


Every story has a beginning, and the date of creating brand Barbour can be called the year 1849, when John Barbour, living in the West of Scotland, decides to create a company » J Barbour & Sons. He opened a store, which was designed for ship owners, shipbuilders and sailors. It started with Beacon jackets that can protect from any weather and any weather.

The sea is perhaps always accompanied by this manufacturer. In 1908 he published the first catalogue Barbour, where were the clothes for the workers and farmers, but the main emphasis is Barbour made in naval uniform. Already in 20-e years of the XX century, the company has firmly taken its place not only in British but also the global market. The clothes were sent to Chile, South Africa and Hong Kong.The great depression crippled the company’s position, like many others, but she survived and broke into the market with a different image. The fact that the son of the founder, Duncan Barbour, was an ardent fan of motorsports. He decides to release motolinia Barbour, which was instantly swept from the shelves. The world has witnessed a surge of interest in Motorsport, which has weakened only at the end of the twentieth century. Within a few decades (1936-1977) outfit from Barbour was worn by virtually every British team in motorsports.

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2016_1Qrcvzmv7OFlrAnother target audience for the company was the British military. Duncan himself went to the front like a real man. A family business started by Malcolm Barbour, who continued the tradition of the creation of outerwear from water-repellent fabrics. To his credit the design of costumes Ursula, which became the standard uniform of the crew of a British submarine.

63 the company was engaged in the sale and development of outerwear, but directly to the facility was opened in August 1957. Then Duncan returned from the war, found the required area on the outskirts of South shields (North East UK) and was seriously engaged in the production, expanding the range of waxed pants.

If you look at the fates of the people who ran the company Barbour, you will find there are wimps who are just lucky to be in a profitable dynasty. But you’ll get the stories of real, living people.

The creators of the brand know firsthand what war, deprivation and death. People who could be at the bottom, but they fought with the circumstances and rise higher and higher.

In 1964, Malcolm dies, then he dies and his young son John. At the helm becomes the widow of John Margaret. When she inherited the share of her husband, she was a young girl with kids. She worked as a teacher and had no idea what the management of a large company. No one could have predicted that this woman is to penetrate into all production processes, to personally meet with key clients Barbour and modernizing the production system. Her control was so effective that during all the 70 years of sales grew. In 1972 Margaret Barbour became head of the company.

In the turbulent early 80-ies were developed many classic models Barbour: Border of Beaufort and jacket for riding Bedale. The Royal family three times awarded the company the award of a Royal Warrant, which, no doubt, is a proof of impeccable quality.

Large companies never focus on ourselves. In other words, if society values your products, then give him something. If you caught the success, share that success with those in need. The company Barbour is well aware of this, and therefore founded the Barbour Trust organization that helps victims of natural disasters and reveals the charity invests in public projects.

90-ies were the years of rapid business growth. Barbour three wins Royal award for export achievement Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement (1992, 1994, 1995). Currently, the company again expanded its range, focusing, again, on breathable waterproof materials. Also updated the color scheme.

Remember the child who was 2 years old when he died John Barbour? This child’s name was Helen, and she soon was old enough in 1997 to become Vice-Chairman of the company. Here’s the succession of generations, which, in our opinion, opens up new prospects of development. We must continue the deeds of their ancestors, to realize their responsibility for past and understand that our future depends on it.

In the beginning of its history Barbour focused on fishermen and sailors, making clothing literally eternal, because the working class needed such. Their record was and the brave soldiers who fought with the Germans during the Second World War, and bikers who have done crazy things in the most dangerous roads of the 70’s, and the Royal family.

I think now they make a jacket only for stars and aristocrats? Thus, among the company customers there are, but Barbour does not change. They continue to create clothes for men who don’t mind spending time in extreme conditions: hunting (2005 Northumberland clothing line won the Award of the hunting industry), in a stormy ocean or on the highway.

Barbour is a combination of high style and modern technology that allows you not to worry neither about the weather nor about changing fashion. Barbour is a living history, which continues today, delighting us with innovations and new feats. About these companies, we are pleased to tell, because their products are focused on practicality and long operation, which is not enough for many modern brands.

Barbour International

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2016_Pc6AsPPSzE1BELet’s tell you about a specific jacket, which is infinitely nice to have in your wardrobe. We are talking about Barbour International.

We already told you that the relationship between the company and motorcyclists were warm for a long time. The series itself Barbour International appeared in the bearded 1936. First motorcycle jacket was made of dark green waxed cotton and designed specifically for the grueling cross country race — Enduro International Six Day Trials. In 1954 most of the riders wore this jacket, including stars such as Bud Atkins. Wore this jacket and Hollywood actor Steve McQueen, a past which knew the sound of motorcycle exhaust.

There is an interesting military story we want to tell you. There was a captain George Phillips, he commanded the crew of the submarine, and in General was one of the most famous British officers of the war. Once he saw his Lieutenant jacket Barbour International.

Don’t know what knocked in the head of the captain in that moment, but he decided to test the quality of the jacket fire hose.

He ordered the Lieutenant to stand quietly a few moments, he started to unwrap the hose. I think you know what force the stream of water in a fire hose. The captain directed the stream of water directly into the jacket. To everyone’s surprise, the Lieutenant dry. After this incident, Phillips convinced the company to develop for him and his entire team insulated version of motorcycle jackets.

After the war, Barbour has already released civilian version of the insulated jacket, which appeared on the left breast pocket, which was under the inclination it was necessary for easy access to cards. Soon the jacket was adapted for the motorcycle division of the British army for 14 patrols of the police forces in the UK. In 1953 it became part of the official gear of the Vincent Owners Club — these people do the fastest motorcycles in the world.Jacket was black, got brass buttons and repeated the style of the Vincent motorcycle.

In the end, the feds have faded into the background, and they were replaced by informal society — the independent bikers, rockers of all kinds and other people who are accustomed to breathe the free breast. Barbour offered an alternative to leather black leather jackets, and this alternative was much more practical and easier. Jacket gladly accepted and worn it until now. Because an original jacket Barbour International available today. Now it is a whole line of clothing that includes women’s and men’s collection. A large range of modern fabrics along with the traditional waxed cotton. If you have a motorcycle, Barbour International — your choice.

Our time

Today Barbour clothes are sold in 40 countries, including Russia. This company has achieved success deserved, because they decided to make quality clothes despite the vagaries of the market. Thus, the Barbour jacket is more expensive than average, but it lasts much longer. In it you will be able to get through the wall of the shower, being dry, will be able to hide from the wind, hail and snow. In it, you can feel like a man who can all that your heart desires.

And let on the red carpets of Hollywood stars wearing extravagant outfits for thousands of dollars, but in real life they wear coats and sweaters Barbour, because they do bribe their quality and convenience.

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