Bar fight: to get out alive and unharmed

I fought only once in life. Don’t know whether to be proud of. On the one hand, I still fought, as befits a man, not frightened. On the other, it was only once- a disreputable track record. Moreover, I would not have fought even once so far, if a year ago did not have to give a rebuff to rein Gopnik in the transition. It happened to me.

This experience taught me two things. First, the fight could fall on your head when you’re least expecting it. I went myself to move, not bothering anyone, and meet drunk bullies who could have foreseen? However, you will have to fight, nowhere to go.

Secondly, a fight in real life is always different from your ideas about it. Everything you see in the movies, garbage. Everything you’ve nemyslel garbage. When flying in your fist, and you’re not prepared, everything is amazing, scary and unexpected. However, to make it a little less sudden, here’s a few tips. Why a bar fight? There you usually do not expect it. In addition, the tips are suitable for other locations where you will fate will have to take Herculean strength.

Avoid conflicts

It’s obvious: the best way to win a fight is not to get involved in it. In the majority of fights start with minor situations that cause an adrenaline surge and, as a result of physical aggression. Keep calm and be the most passive, so as not to provoke a conflict situation. But then without black eyes.


Don’t be afraid to tear. Even the best fighters in the world will agree that sometimes it is wiser to run away from a fight than to speculate in a hospital bed, that fight is still in vain. In the end, the flight nichemu will not cause any harm to health, even if a little podtopit your ego. Can in every way to calm him down, emphasizing the «if». Suddenly you killed him? It is better to hit the road.

Hit first

If escape is not possible, and to be quiet it’s late, better make the first move. There are moments: everyone understands that that’s going to be a fight — it is better to use to their advantage and strike first. Say, often the first strike is enough to set the tone for the fighters to determine who will become the winner.

A knockout in one hit

Surely you saw something like that on TV. Best a way for you to start and finish a fight with one punch. The good news: in one stroke in a knockout can send not only a professional boxer. Say right or left hook to the jaw may disable their foes, so that there is even a boxer: no wonder they always cover the chin. Housekeeping tip!

Put to sleep

Not an easy task, but doable. Click on certain points on the neck for 5-10 seconds so people fell asleep. This is done much easier on the back. It would be cool if all the fighting could end that way.

To knock down the enemy on the ground

Hit on the head, use your own weight to do anything, so he lost his balance. So you will have a much better chance to win. Even if you don’t win, you still have time to find a dominant position. Lying on the floor, he will push and hit you with less force: it’s embarrassing.

Do not fall

Don’t let him do same to you! As soon as you fall, you’re gone. Even if it is in the process of flying, still don’t want to follow his example. When you’re on the floor, it’s easier for you to cut down or even kick you with their feet. Try to stay on his feet by all means.

Attention to the back

Beware of the friends of the opponent. In principle, to engage in a fight is not always easy, but if someone sees you kick the ass of his best friend, it can provoke him to feats. Maybe, you know, and back at you, swoop! Let your butt covers the reliable person or the wall.

And run back

I repeat: don’t be afraid to do that. Somewhere in the magical world you would take out the enemy with one blow or put him to sleep in the back, without using violence, but we’re not some Empire of Sweetness. Don’t delay! Get off the scene, while the man did not want to take revenge. For once stop trying to be the cool hero of the blockbuster and come down from heaven to earth.

Make friends with bouncers

No brainer that the best way to avoid fights is to go where all the staff knows you well and feels for you a sincere affection. If on your side there will be several large and very impressive bouncers, you automatically win. To become friends with these cabinets easily. Beer for everyone, petrangeli. Now you’re invulnerable!

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