Bar equipment: accessories for whiskey

Scottish highlanders have long been famous for their longevity. Maybe because the air in the area was particularly clean, and maybe because the New year they don’t forget to bring guests a piece of coal is a symbol of warmth and prosperity in times to come. We have, unfortunately, such a cute tradition no, but you can still please your boss or friend a pair of stones. With them he will be able to enjoy not only the look but also the taste sensors. No, it is, of course, not about the coals, and about most of these stones, created with one aim — to get to a glass of good whiskey.


If you’re not a surveyor, it is hardly heard of steatite. This natural material, also called soap stone or potted, can be found mostly in Finland, where it was developed in the days of the Russian Empire. Soapstone ancient masters created a charming figurines and houses. Moreover, this material is the base of the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer hill in Rio de Janeiro. Pottery stone has a remarkable heat capacity and thermal conductivity, that is, he perfectly keeps the heat and cold.

This ability of the soapstone has long been used as cooling stones for drinks. The ice is melting, and the stone of the eternal — this axiom is quickly penetrated into the minds of the people. So the traditions of this stone barely the same age as cine Duncan Macloud. It is logical that someone needs these stones are beautifully processed and put in a beautiful gift packaging. In Russia it has been only one firm, and if you still haven’t picked a Christmas gift, a decent man with good taste and the manners of a gentleman, it’s time to pay attention to it.

To find a really good stones — the problem is really not simple. Online store where you can find any accessories for whisky, just specializiruetsya on this, finding the gems amidst the picturesque hills and in the workshop manually creating real works of art, like «Venus de Milo». The result obtained through the transparent face of glass is a symbol of ancient courage and dignity. Of course, the whiskey must be relevant, and to drink cold tea or lemonade with these cubes — even blasphemy.

But if you first hear about this accessory, the user manual is simple. To use these pebbles should be placed in the fridge for a couple of hours to give them the opportunity to absorb the frosty cold. You can then dip them into the glass. Traditional dose: two stones in 50 ml. Be sure that the drink will remain cool even after you smoked a few cigarettes with colleagues, won a game of Billiards and a familiar lady walked up to her doorstep. Remarkably, these stones even have a certification and proper documents!

The standard pack includes 9 beautifully packaged stones have enough time to 3 servings. There is also a single-set with a glass and set for two with two glasses. Besides, on the website you can buy coasters under glasses (4 pieces) and a bottle. No matter where you live — shipping is done all over Russia, because without such an important attribute of any gentleman at all desire you will not.

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