Bankrupt: how the destruction will make you a better person?

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2014_jEgf8jpmESbv9It seems that nothing could be worse than ruin. Today you or your family have enough money, you could afford to spend money on all this nonsense that we so desperately condemned here in this article, and tomorrow is an unpleasant. You lose your job, you have debts you can’t keep your apartment or car or do you have to go to work with a much smaller income. Common thing, can happen to anyone. Here are just some will think that life is over, but others will understand that it is necessary to spin, and perhaps this is the beginning of something new. But to be honest, the beginning of something that nobody thinks, because everything is so terribly upset. If you can learn to relate to life so that every event can be any experience, it will become easier.

But ruin it seems to us tantamount to one of the worst things: disability, loss of loved ones, disability. In fact, it is not. If you your hands with your feet if someone they loved turned away from you, then he loved ones were not. It’s time to move on. The largest bankruptcy in bad for many not a loss of money, loss of opportunities, loss of social status. Today, you overstock in a good shop with the pathetic class of «middle plus», drove a good car, and now she sits in the garage because there is no money. As in pretentious good food. But many people are not offended by the fact that they lost everything, and the fact that they are no longer the people that all is well, now they’ve lost their position, and they are ashamed to confess about it to people around. Unfortunately, none of their «bohatyr» never think that you may lose all together due to some life upheavals, and would cost! «What will people say good!!», — how could anyone not refused, for the vast majority of human thought — God and the judge in one person. For some reason, I remember the Russian film «Kitty», in which the old ballerina that suddenly plays Mikhail Efremov, show off to her friends, that they did not think that she is now poorer than them. And there it went in the trash. If you’re busted, admit it and not shikuy.

1. Humility

This is not the most Christian in the bad sense of humility when you hit and you’re suffering, and the understanding that everything in this life can easily turn 180 degrees. Humility is also understanding that sometimes you have to spit on your pride and switch to public transport or to borrow money from parents if very tight. If to rectify the situation, give useful things or money. Not scary. For some reason I remember one friend who lived literally a thousand rubles in a month, when she had money problems but didn’t tell father any words that he didn’t know what she has to work for peanuts in the store, but not in a good place from which she was fired. Over time she realized her mistake.

2. You will begin to understand other people

You will have empathy to people. Will you stop harping on yourself harmful: «Wimps! Are unable to stay afloat!» Anything can happen, now you know it.

3. Understanding about survival

Now you will learn how to count a penny. You will know exactly how every penny counts and will find its own charm in the tea for 30 rubles. No cafes, no expensive clothes. You’re finally beginning to cook because it is the best way to survive and spend minimum.

4. Begin to prioritize

When you slightly depart from the reduction in the quantity of money in your wallet, you will still understand that it is important to begin to prioritize. It makes sense to take new jeans? Why the new shirt? Two is enough. If I go to a concert, I two weeks to eat buckwheat without anything! What is better: a concert or a swing. Now you’re going to weigh each decision to choose the best. Spontaneous mindless shopping will be less, and if you’re going to have income that you had prior to bankruptcy, chances to save it will be more.

5. You will learn to say «no»

Your name is in the movie or at the bar after work? And the money in the wallet 100, and 1000 on the card? It is foolish to say «Yes.» You regretfully refuse the comrades. But then it will be much easier. Maybe someday you’ll say why: «Guys, I’m broke, maybe half a year to get anywhere I will not!» Comrades may have to buy, but this should not be abused.

6. A vague understanding, if not the meaning of life, then at least the transience of its «values»

So you realize the most important sacrament which many people do not understand even when they turned 80: everything in life is fucking fleeting and everything to lose. Even if you think that your position is stable and you’re firmly entrenched. The money itself is not evil, and useful and carry a lot of bonuses, but they themselves are not a guarantee of happiness, mental and physical health a hundred times more important. If you do not understand it, the bankruptcy will help you with that. Sometimes emotional balance is to learn how to use the absolute minimum of resources. In addition, you will realize that success and happiness are two different things that may or may not be. Perhaps then you will cease to impose on the world around her materialistic values and attitudes in the spirit of «winner-loser» because the meaning in life, and everything is relative.

7. You’ll start to appreciate some things

No, not a breath of wind and the whisper of the stars, and, for example, a large extra meat pizza. Yes, the one huge meat lover’s pizza that has beef, German sausage, white sauce, ham and a bunch of meat. It costs a lot, but it tastes best in the world. Someday you will be able to afford it there often enough, but I can remember that there was a time when you let her on your birthday and almost licked the box when I ate her. You realize that if before 150 rubles for a large coffee was for you Rob, now it is fine. You will appreciate that I was able to get out of debt and be able to get rid of the arrogance. Fast Internet, clean bed, the presence of silent washing machine — all this happiness, if you had to be an ascetic not their fault.

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