Bane Mask Walkie Talkies — walkie talkie and mask Bane-in-one

Bain mask0725866009

A bro watched the last series of the trilogy about Batman «the Dark Knight: the Legend». Of course, about the merits and shortcomings of the film can be argued endlessly, but that certainly will be remembered, is the mask of Bane, which makes everything cooler.

For those bro who think so too, invented a fun walkie talkies in the shape of the mask Bane. If you’re out with friends playing paintball or airsoft, they will complement your face and scare opponents and still give your team the opportunity to talk. Although, of course, this «protection» in these games — not the best solution.

The use of the radio channels absolutely free! The gates work pretty well, and your conversation to eavesdrop though, but who will do this? There is a power saving mode, the working radius is 3 kilometers, the working frequency — MHz 462-487.

To buy things for $ 25, complete 2 pieces. If you’re interested, look at

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