Bakhtin scored two victories in one battle. Respect this bro.

Late in the evening on Tuesday in Moscow in SC «Varshavka» Russian boxer Alexander Bakhtin (55,3 kg) won a landslide victory on points over Filipino Role Haskoy and won, though minor, but still the IBO title. In the latter rounds Bakhtin had to fight not only the opponent but yourself.




The beginning of the battle were no signs of any particular problem. Rival Bakhtin, agile and plastic Filipino Gasca, made a very good impression, but was clearly not a match for the Russians. This fighter is extremely difficult to knock out, as it always relaxed and absorbs shocks, but very possible to beat on points. Especially easy to do when you’re watching a fight on TV or from the audience. Yeah, dude, exactly.

However was with Haskoy in the ring first, Bakhtin, it seems, had big problems. After all, this bro has no barriers. At the beginning of the first round it kind of a similar amplitude to Jeb, but pushes the motion pushed the head GASK and powerful shot to the right. Filipino boltanul. Then the whole round is also dictated by Bakhtin.

In the second round Gasquet was angry at his own helplessness, and to throw a little reserve Bakhtin’s left side. But it was not all that he managed. The Russians are not «driven picture,» but interrupted and replayed it all the way. The same continued in the third and fourth rounds.

The first signs of something not quite clear, became visible in the fifth round. No, Bakhtin previously led and easily outplayed the opponent, which she clinched that slightly infuriated Alexander, but there are signs whether from fatigue, or something. However, no alarm is not installed. Well, the boxer took a break. Doing all of this.

However, in the beginning of the sixth round, Gasquet suddenly pulled out a long Bakhtin sweeping forehand. Again, it was only unpleasant episode, but in a battle such different class opponents this episode just wasn’t to be.

Well, after the fight became more strained. In Boxing there is a concept — sensitive boxer. As you might guess, this does not mean the nerve of the subject, who faints from fear at the sight of a male fist or from lust at the sight of zagorevskaya female feet. Sensitive boxer — boxer who feels that the opponent will do in the next moment, and God knows where knows what he is able. Gasquet was clearly out of this very unpleasant for opponents of the breed. Fortunately, his skill was not in his own instincts. This resulted in the fact that, seeing that with Bakhtin’s something wrong, he still almost failed to take advantage of it. More precisely, this Alexander gave him to do.

In the seventh round Bakhtin was able suddenly boltanut ‘ GASK jab, and everything seems ustakanilos. In the eighth round, the Russians once again killed the Filipino, but the gap in the last three-minutes was much more modest than in the initial. In the ninth round, the case was very unimportant. Bakhtin was very passive, and that anyone, even a completely ineffective action of the opponents seem much better than it really was.

In the 10th round Bakhtin again did very little until well got a short right hand. It was clearly evident that Alexander draws a pause, and frankly waiting for the final bell. The last two rounds were held in the same vein.

The thrill of the fight remained fairly strange, although the victory Bakhtin slightest doubt, of course, is not caused. In fact, Gasquet has not won a single round. Two or three rounds were more or less equal, but even if you give it to him, still obtained a convincing victory of the Russians on points. However, satisfaction was not. While not wanted to blame it on Bakhtin. You can’t blame the man that he was ill, and Alexander looked as if right at the ring he had aggravated the flu.

The verdict was both expected and fair: 118-111, 119-110 and 118-110 in favor of Bakhtin. The first two arbitrators in the same round are unable to determine the winner, not surprisingly. But Bakhtin after the fight had to go to the hospital. It is clear that there is nothing wrong with it no, but some kind of endocrine failure in the body occurred as the sugar level in his blood exceeded the norm by three times. That happens sometimes, and nothing really specific in this. So future career Bakhtin’s nothing to fear. In the meantime, just want to wish our bro speedy recovery to pay tribute to his courage because in this fight he had to fight not only the opponent but with oneself and the victory over them was given to him, in my opinion, much harder than Gasquet.

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