Bakery for cats and dogs

Some bro are very fond of their animals. And often spoil them. And for those bro who love their cats and dogs, opened a bakery. Called bakery Miguitas and it opened in Spain.

Of course, no one will give cats sweets and chocolate. Cakes are special, but I would even was abandoned. The bakery sells cakes and biscuits with chicken liver, goose liver, baked liver pate, sardines, fish, expensive cheese. You can also buy pastries with spinach and useful herbs.

For animals that have health problems, you can find cakes without the lactose and other substances for which dogs and cats are allergies.

Bakers like his own work, and the main difference they believe something that is not necessary to use sugar and other ingredients. And everything for people.

In the bakery Miguitas use only checked by veterinarians cakes from animal ingredients. Cakes are tested on humans, dude: bakers themselves happy to try it.

To order products through the Internet, but you can come together with the pupil. However, the prices are a little bite basket with five biscuits will cost 3.5 Euro, biscuits with chicken and cheese — 5 euros, and holiday pie — 4 euros. You can also order meat supermegacorp, but still a pet will not appreciate, he’s an animal.

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