Baked meat with vegetables


Finally, the working working week, which moves at a snail’s pace, crawling to a long-awaited Friday! Dude, what’s your plans for tonight? Heading to the bar, to the gym, to the movies or to sit at the computer all night? All options are good for exhausted by the labour of the body. Maybe expanding the usual scenario: to stand at the stove, will cook a delicious dinner and call you friend?

As was said old Hank Moody, the ability to feed a man makes a woman half as appealing and increases the breast size by one size. We assure you that such metamorphoses happen to the men (apart from increasing the Boobs, of course) that can affect the taste buds of the girls. If no girlfriend, no problem. Not the fact that you’re less fortunate you can eat a whole pan of delicious meat with vegetables in one person and no one to share a meal. Especially because this recipe is incredibly simple to prepare and very useful to use. Well, shall we?


500 grams of meat or fish;

big package of frozen vegetables;

4 potatoes (optional)

2-3 tbsp olive oil;

salt/pepper to taste.


This dish is as delicious as simple to prepare. The hardest part is to peel and slice potatoes. Although it is possible without it – a matter of taste. Cover the pan with foil, spread out on the potatoes cut in pieces meat and frozen vegetables, preferably in a single layer. Fields, harvesting the olive oil.

Cover meat and vegetables with foil and put the pan in the preheated oven. Bake at 200 ºC for approximately 45-60 minutes. Verify the readiness of the potatoes with a fork or toothpick. After you take away the top foil and bake for another 10 minutes so your food is covered with a delicious Golden crust. Well, everything. We told you it was simple! For illustration look at the illustration.

Bon appétit, dude!

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