Bajaj Qute: the cheapest car in the world

Indian manufacturer of heavy motorcycles has reached a new level: he invented the cheapest car, the quality of which is to say no. However, what’s the point talking about the quality of the machine, which in our difficult time is some 2 thousand dollars. And we, of course, about the car off line and not used, the presentation of which was held recently.

The manufacturer is called Bajaj Auto. The company, incidentally, is not poor and even some time was in the top 2000 Forbes. It’s certainly not top 100, but still good for India. Your engineering Foundation they laid back in 1945. First, they traded carts, but then managed to break out in people and increase production capacity. Due to the fact that the company is focused on state employees and the poor, they only strengthen its position in the market. And so, we think, will only continue.

The cheapest at the moment car in the world is called Bajaj Qute. Thanks to modern technology, or rather, lack thereof the weight of the machine is 400 pounds. If you want to order this from India, that count on you will get clean, his mother, 13 horsepower, as well as 0,22-liter engine. Transmission installed motor and has five stages. Indian automotive engineers claim that this miracle car industry can reach speeds of 70 km/h. It is strange that the model will be implemented in 16 countries, among which are the us and the EU. Bajaj Qute meets all required environmental standards and European standards.

In General, this is not the first case when such producers in excess of the budgetary car trying to get into the EU, but good luck to anyone else yet not accompanied. And for what purpose such a machine wants to buy, say, some British guy? Maybe only to make fun of the neighbors or his own son.

And yet we should not forget that there are many countries in the world where a similar car will be very helpful. Third world countries also have roads, let the bad, but still expensive. And it is better to move with a speed of 70 km/h on such a machine than with a speed of 7 km/h on some donkey. So, of course, the company Bajaj Auto has done a very good thing for this world. She remembered that the most important commandments automotive Ford: «the Car should be available to any person.»

It’s funny that because of Indian bureaucracy, the company can not sell their new car on Indian soil, where it would be most helpful. Everyone knows the busiest road in this country of the Kama Sutra and curry. So, somehow, Bajaj Qute registered as a ATV, not a car. And according to the laws of the Indian state companies are prohibited from selling ATVs to private owners. So, a kind of Indian racism.

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