Bags for big and small travel

Very soon the spring, and again unbearably want to go any journey. But for any travel required capacity where you will make your simple belongings. But not the package we take, you need a normal bag. And now choose.

1. Backpack convertible


The idea of the way immediately is associated with a shouldered backpack. Regardless of the range of movement of the backpack must be large, like a pumpkin on Halloween, and accommodate a mess kit, change of clothes, bacon, matches and 8 volumes of Turgenev. Only to throw himself on his back a battered life of Baul undignified, I want something stylish and yet practical. For such purposes, created bags and backpacks-transformers, such as Explorer Camo 51. Fashionable camouflage coloring if she’s calling on a long journey, and preferably somewhere far away. However, the backpack is so durable that it will withstand all the hardships of the way. Quality material, excellent leather straps fully comply with the stated price. It’s not just a backpack, this is a very roomy backpack, backpack-transformer, which, in fact, turns into a travel bag. Very convenient if you come with two pairs of clothes, and go with a bunch of gifts, literally pulled out of the bag. To others, it is a stylish accessory for everyday wear, good looks stylish.

2. Bag


For a great road need a big bag, and it is desirable that it was on wheels. The bags have a surprising feature: they are for a minute change your weight with a simple 5 kg to 20. And 20 kg on itself to carry worthless, too pity the spine. That’s for the wheels and need. However, some of the road wheels is not very nice (e.g., stairs), then it is more convenient to carry on his shoulders. Here is a convenient, versatile and, most importantly, practical bag we offer you. Two handles of medium length, two wheels, extendable cart – all as is necessary. And a decent size – 630 × 310 × 300 mm closed reliable zipper pockets big enough for all, even illegal cargo. We are not pushing to the crime, just a fact. But most importantly, it is durable. She did not come off the handle, does not tear and the zipper won’t fall off the wheel. So silently buy and go to the magic country of Elves.

3. Travel bag


You walk into the departure hall of the airport, you’ll be elegant and classic costume, watches of esteemed brands, and in hand – a beautiful travel bag in rich leather, combines the aggression of modernism and reliability of the classics. And if not this bag, it would be possible to think that you’re the employee of security service, and with it your image of a respectable traveler complete and intelligible. You catch yourself admiring glances bags and glamorous keys. Besides, travel bag attribute for those who trip it is necessary not too much and not too little things. And, of course, is the choice of people with a backpack to appear as something undignified. These reliable bags, as a racing car, beautiful like the masterpieces of the Louvre, and as roomy as a cargo plane.

4. Backpack


However, not everyone in need large handbags, even if «transformers». It is your regular backpack, especially if the trip is close and short. But it should be a good backpack, and all backpacks backpack, not a school portfolio, a companion for all occasions. We have one like this. In his great name, the word Zeppelin, in our opinion- the airship. It is really spacious and epic, as popular once-a heavenly slow mover, although the size is a 32 × 44,5 × 21.5 cm – this and say. There’s a laptop compartment for a 15-inch – where in our time without writing-interactive means. Only it’s not the case when the moment of the laptop, there is no room for anything else. Plenty of space: in the art, and clothes, and… what else you had planned to take?

And most importantly, even in the oversaturated condition the backpack will not come off the strap. Securely stitched between a mixture of nylon and polyester for that warrant. As for what the contents of the backpack will not get wet even in the bitter rain.

5. Small bags


A large bag usually you hand in your Luggage, leaving your phone, documents and other necessary things, and then suddenly the porters they fished. For this you need a small neat bag exclusively for the need. It’s not a briefcase and not a purse, it’s something that you can throw over your shoulder and not feel heavy. Someone might say, «So it’s not the road,» but she helps you out on the road. The most necessary must have of the body, not in the heap along with everything else.

Choosing a bag, do not forget about the main criteria: quality and appearance, after all, accessories make your image.

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