Bad to be a woman and a lunatic!


Of course, sleepwalking is quite unpleasant, especially in the case of Leslie Cusack. This 55 year old woman has a very unpleasant problem. During the day she an ordinary woman, and at night turns into a lunatic, which absorbs food, not knowing restraint. About their late night adventures Leslie learns through the mountains of dirty dishes, bags of food, wrappers and other debris.

A woman once ate raw potatoes with peel, frozen French fries, tried the contents of paint cans. A rare eating disorder makes Leslie is absolutely not picky about food. She once ate a jar of vaseline to regale emulsion paint, cough syrup and detergent.

Except for obviously harmful products, Leslie’s eating and high-calorie food. During the night she eats food with 2,500 calories, which is a daily norm of consumption of an adult male. By day she is trying to lose weight, eating stew, yogurts and diet foods, and at night eats cough syrup and chocolate bars.

Leslie tried to fight the disease, setting the alarm for the night, but it didn’t help. Now she hides food from friends, but it is also, most likely, will not work.


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