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Expensive edition. No luck for me. First I got sick with pneumonia. In the process of treatment, I have found the tuberculosis. Had my 21st birthday spent in the hospital. But I’m not here for words of pity in his address. Just at first I got scared and have buried yourself. However, other aunt a year ago, also encountered this. She reassured me, and told about the psychosomatics, about how our thoughts turn into disease. It seems to me, dear editors, that each bro has health problems. Could you briefly tell us what thoughts what diseases lead us. Maybe each of us learns how to think «no sores». Thank you for your attention and continue in the same spirit. In advance you save us all your articles.

The answer

The sadness drove a little, but comfort will not, do not like words of regret. Although health promotion we wish, and to bury themselves is not necessary – it’s all nonsense, a person is able to overcome and not as illness. For example, look at how modern scholars deal with cancer, it seems that very soon we will forget about this shit once and for all. But moving on to your question.

Not long ago, I became interested in related topic and just studied the books of psychologists and psychoanalysts to sort out their own problems. Their answers have convinced me. Mainly because they worked in my case and in the cases of my friends. For me that is enough. However, I wouldn’t rely too much on the thesis: «All diseases of the mind.» Specifically, in this expression there is nothing fair, and rather simplify rather complex concept, which is based on depth psychology, which was developed by Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and the company. When the conditional «techie» hearing these names in his head accumulated a number of contradictions – too much dirt was poured on psychoanalysis and depth psychology, and all because the study area of the Sciences you can’t just touch it, but, in my opinion, when something happens the discovery of «gravitational waves» in this region.

So, it’s not that thoughts cause disease. But from the point of view Gustav Jung that we do not listen to the information that sends us our own subconscious. The information itself can manifest as obsessive thoughts, random thoughts, dreams, sudden insights. The part of psychoanalysts, and psychologists, convinced that the subconscious mind remembers a lot more information about the world and events than consciousness, that is, the last component of our mind is not unlimited and it often happens that cuts off all the sharp and unpleasant moments of life. However, the subconscious does not do this – it retains the pleasant and the unpleasant, because it is important for you.

All this layer of the psyche ultimately projected onto reality. And we think that the magic happens, the magic. For example, many people see the death of loved ones just before they really die. Clearly, mysticism in this. Just the hidden part of the psyche observes that no notice of our conscious mind. All of this comes in the form of a dream (in this example), but may come in the form of a separate mental impulses. Disease happens in the same way: not thinking serve as a source of disease and illness the source of thoughts. Thus your own «I» is trying to reach out, to help solve the problem, and sometimes physical properties.

Dreams can sometimes anticipate certain situations before they happen. This is not necessarily a miracle or some form of pre-knowledge. Many crises in our lives have a long unconscious history. We’re getting closer step by step, not knowing about the accumulated risk. However, what we overlook, is often perceived by the subconscious, which is able to transmit information through dreams.

Carl Gustav Jung –So, not enough to think about something bad. It will not save the guy the trouble. It is important to listen to yourself, your feelings and senses and prevent problems before they reach its peak. But often it all starts with the little things. Some stress or small sores. All this, of course, cannot be overlooked. And we warn you from mysticism, because the whole subject is purely individual. No list of «bad thoughts», next to each item which is the disease, the type of thought on the genocide – and got an upset stomach. This is our answer.

No pain, man!

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