Bad habits we can not quit when they become adults

Bad habits is a natural part of man which is inseparably connected with its existence. We all have our bad habits that negatively affect their lives. From some we successfully refuse, but some we can’t withdraw completely because we don’t have enough eggs. Addictions are not always alcohol and tobacco, there are also those about which we do not even think. Today, together with well-known addictions, we will talk about those that you don’t think.

1. The delay

I think it’s a habit worse than Smoking and alcoholism combined. Alcohol and tobacco hit the health in General, this habit has on all life. It stems from the fact that you can not be serious about something. To their health, to business, to work, to learn. Instead of firmly set yourself a specific task, you delay its implementation for an indefinite time. It starts again and again. «I’ll quit Smoking tomorrow», «I will cease to eat junk food next week», «I’ll stop cursing at the girl from Thursday.» But you never carry out those problems which put before itself. Even such a trivial, non-vital things like to wash or wash the dishes you put off for an indefinite period. Of course, you always face the problem of your bad habits: five extra pounds and a lack of clean panties, but hardly the experience you will learn something. Get rid!

2. Smoking


Unfortunately, few people fully quit Smoking. This paragraph is not about Smoking in General, but of something separate. many men quit Smoking… every day… a pack as before. But hard to install «cigarette beer» since the University is constantly coming out of the cracks of your subconscious. I categorically hate the fact that people are unable to quit Smoking completely. When someone in a bar or company smokes, and the beer flows like water, the temptation is to ask for a cigarette. Beer or to make the conversation easier going. Sometimes one evening you can smoke a cigarette pack, tomorrow you don’t start Smoking again, but still seems to violate its obligation.

Another thing to start Smoking when you have a problem. Like, helps. Same shit, man, seriously. Throw — throw. Don’t give up — not fooling.

3. Abuse


Don’t get me wrong: everyone curses. Male, female, kids especially: in any situation, they will definitely remember a few strong words. If a man says Mat he doesn’t swear, he is a hypocrite. I won’t argue about the value of the Mat for the language, I’m not a philologist, and I will certainly raise a laugh. Another thing to say mate. People suffering words-parasites, because their speech becomes incomprehensible and unpleasant to the ear. But when the Mat is a bunch for suggestions by the way, it’s overkill. In fact, it looks the same as it is in the spirit of: «Well, I have this thing…» Pathetic.

The second aspect likes to yell it in a fit of emotion. IMHO, the strong language it makes sense to insert only to enhance the effect. But it is not necessary to compile a long list of swear words: lost is the whole point. If people really m…duck, do not hesitate to call it that. In close company.

4. Fanny-toilet humor

As if trying not supporters of morality to convince everyone that they don’t laugh at fart jokes, someone above them will still laugh. Crude humor about farting and openings in the ass clear to everyone. And everyone above him laughed. This is normal. In fact, the humor about genitals and assholes can be funny. Really funny due to the fact that it can be thin. Yes, you heard right! «Monty ^ Robert Cushman,» for example, know how to joke. The whole point of Fanny-fart jokes that GEG in them comes down to the toilet and the ass, and not, say, the political situation in the country. A song about the sperm of ^ Robert Cushman dubious ridicules traditional values that make their followers unhappy people, but their meaning is reduced to sperm.

Stupid Fanny-fart jokes really necessary to get rid of, but without moralizing.

5. Inability to refuse a drink and drink as much as you need


Everyone knows that lots of drinking is bad! But much worse not to be able to drink in moderation and not be able to refuse from the offered alcohol. Whenever you offer a drink, you have a choice. Either you drink or you don’t drink. No need to say that otherwise you will be one sober in the company or hurt the host; if you don’t want to drink — do not drink! It’s very simple.

In fact, you simply fall under the influence of other people and their habits. On the other hand, what prevents you to drink less? You know that the next glass you have extra, but you still drink! Alcohol is just a bad habit, inability to abstain from alcohol and ignorance of the rules — habits worse! Hell, man, you tomorrow in the hall, why are you drinking before? In order not to offend the Pope? If after you say no, dad’ll disown you! That kind of nonsense, friend?

If you say alcohol is «no», then don’t say «No, wait…»

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