Bad habits that make you healthier and happier comes over again at you due to the fact that you’re dicking around? There is a solution. You can easily give it back if clearly arguing their actions. Your bad habits now do not seem to be such harmful, and you can do whatever you want and not worry that you will make the brain.

It turns out there are actually bad habits that could make you happier or improve your health. Here are the most common ones:

1. Disorganization

The familiar phrase: «a Creative mess». There are people who claim that the disorder helps them to work that they feel more comfortable in a slightly dirty environment. It’s not a myth. Really mild disorder contributes to the development of creative thinking.

Keep your accounts in order and keep them tidy, and the apartment can afford to throw a bit of junk.

2. Videos

If you regularly monitor YouTube in search of a new funny video, you’re doing it right. We all know that laughter prolongs life. If you’re at work, take a break for a couple of minutes to watch some funny photos. You will rest and with new forces to start working.

Laughter lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and makes the body more resistant to stress.

3. Nails

If you’re still not weaned from the stupid habits (nail biting), don’t worry. This process is considered unacceptable only because of the fact that society has created for itself the next frame. This was a pair of scissors people gnawed his nails, and it was considered normal. Moreover, this activity improves your immune system.

This does not mean that if you weren’t biting his nails, now you definitely need to do this.

4. Gossip

Good gossip improve mood. Scientists even conducted an experiment and found that with 20 minute gossip 96% of people were able to reduce the state of tension and anxiety.

Use gossip to improve your mood and health, not in order to discuss another person’s back.

5. The Mat and cry

It’s an awesome stress reliever. You know, as we do not have enough Mat? Sometimes the article and I want a good curse… but now it has become impossible. But you’re not the media. So easy to blame the government, which thought of to make this law. The fact that cry and Mat will really help you at work, if the boss is again annoying.

Swedish researchers found that employees who suffer because of unfair behavior on the job and not find ways to vent my anger, twice the risk of heart attack. It has been proved that the Mat at work helps employees cope with stress and frustration, and even Mat can stimulate team spirit.

6. Too much sleep

You all say that you will have health problems if you sleep. But really there is nothing wrong to sleep an extra hour. Unless of course your job doesn’t make you get out of bed long before sunrise.

People who Wake up before 5am can put themselves at risk of cardiovascular diseases. The most beneficial sleep that helps restore your strength takes place between 2:00 a.m. and 6:30 in the morning.

7. The wiggle on the chair

Perhaps this habit is annoying to many and you would think that people who can’t quietly sit on the chair and fidgeting all the time, not focused. In fact, everything is different.

It’s the same as when you yawn tired to bring more oxygen to your body. It helps the brain to Wake up. When you fidget, you’re trying to self-stimulate yourself to improve mental and physical vigor.

You thought you were doing the jambs, and in fact, you helped yourself and your body. Yes you’re awesome, man.

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