Bad diagnosis. How to live?



Always considered myself healthy and athletic guy, was engaged in Boxing and long-time football, and has shown excellent results in running, decathlon, played for the national team of faculty basketball. I have a great job. We can say that in my life and been lucky with the girls. About two to three months following Your site, two hands support the call that the man should be the man that I need to move. My every morning began with the fighting spirit I’ve always been able to motivate myself («be a man, do not complain to life, not Noah, in motion).

I’m 25. About a month ago my blood pressure rose to 170/100. Suggested causes the local doctor was: stress, fatigue at work, a possible overload. Well, stress?! Possible. It’s the problem of the century, and I recently broke up (nothing terrible, just had both, by mutual agreement). Thought maybe all this gave such a result. About fatigue — it is possible, but it was so that I didn’t pay attention. I’m usually in moderation, I do not advocate «carry iron», but occasionally swim, push-UPS, do not forget about the bar, walking long distances, working with pears, etc., making the pre-warm-up, a bath on Saturdays. In General, without fanaticism. Of course, I can highlight a day in the week, when friends alagem for whiskey in a pub (periodically give yourself a discharge, I think it is not deadly). What is all this describe to be able to explain that I’m a normal guy with a normal life, able to find joy in ordinary things and to keep fit.

In General, such diagnoses GP did not satisfy me. I felt that at my age it’s not normal to have a pressure of 170 (and then the more it started to stick at around 145-150/lower normal), and began «saveproperty»: advanced blood tests and other tests), ultrasound of all organs, ECG, connected to the legs, head, chest, different shit. Hell, it’s all right. Not yet reached the heart. Ultrasound of the heart I was doing the first time, it turns out that first revealed the presence of abnormal chords (not so scary) , and so on — has a heart defect, destruction of the aortic valve, the «good» of 2 degrees, I gently explained to the doctor that it was serious, that I must now undergo an ultrasound every six months that I can’t any overload in anything: running, swimming, jungle gym, push-UPS, done carefully. Prescribed me expensive injections for 5 years and was sent prior to the meeting at the next ultrasound.

Not long thinking, I’m going to another hospital in the hope that the diagnosis is not confirmed (or at least easier, simpler). Passed some more reviews. But I was pleased only by the fact that heart surgery will be done clearly, simply do not know how long, after 3-5 years, or 15. That there is no prevention, all that can be done, depends on me, and possibly not affected at all. Take care of yourself, not overexert, to come every six months to them on the ultrasound, to abandon the run, and only walk, workout, fitness and high pool and more.

And I understand that Yes, we should be happy with what you have… that many do not see or hear that people are born disabled, some with no legs still dedicate themselves to the sport and win competitions and t..But, fuck.. just a month ago I was sverhdorogie the man who fueled the testosterone produced by after their workouts. Now sitting in the head of all the bullshit. Every day I think what is now needed every six months «to protect themselves» as they put it, and come with a mute question «Well, how’s it going… still not operation? Well then, I’ll go again with the food itself neatly, and then cut me.» I am an active person, aggressive in some ways, my character was expressed through sport. And now it’s as if a clumsy bear put forward to the tightrope walkers. Although, maybe such are, but clearly trained)

I want to talk about it, but can’t afford to complain to the same friends a month ago he pushed to raise a man, not whine and not whine))

I don’t even know why I write all this here! Maybe because often podbadrivali articles that often make me smile on all sorts of life shit. I write all this while at work, a mountain of cases, but now I’m not so worried and stressing. Can not disengage from these thoughts. The day before yesterday, still pretty drunk, knowing that the need to protect health. Want to get up on his feet, but now to put on a suit and run is not an option. And neatly to warm up, to catch up several times and do push-UPS I will.. but now my head is p…ETS.

On Brodud a lot about how a healthy man be a man doing, bringing his body in order, along with the spirit.

So all the paperwork was similar to the suicide note, I still ask the question!)))

There is something for those who want to stay on this wave, but is not able? If You know what I mean.

Life is a strange thing. On the one hand, ignorance is bliss, on the other hand, forewarned is forearmed.

None of us knows when and how we die. Even the doctors that diagnosed it wrong, they say «you have a couple of months», and the person lives another 10 years. And Vice versa, they say that the disease can be defeated and there is every chance, and people really conquers the disease and makes plans for the future, but… dying in a car accident. Shit!

There is nothing good for man, when he is told, even in a mild form that you are seriously ill that your chances to live to old age than others, you must look after yourself. And you begin to take care of yourself: I go to the doctors, eat the right foods, taking your medications, measures the pressure again to the doctor, etc. etc. Awesome life, right? Sitting in a hospital queue with an old man and think, «What the hell, why should I go through this?»… But through this all, sooner or later, life throws us his portion of fresh shit, often when you haven’t dusted off the shit from last time, not yet cleared, breathed fresh air, straightened his shoulders, and there’s still shit! Another test of the indestructibility of the human spirit and love of life. We all fight for life, but we all die. It’s so weird to know that they will die. But none of us know how and when. Even those whom the doctors gave a poor diagnosis and took a small period of time you can worry about that dude, which is quite a healthy and full of optimism.

We know that we will die, but continue to go to work, have sex, have children and make plans for the future. It seems that we are full of life, but most of us don’t live, and fighting for life.

A lot of people who learned that, for example, cancer and it remained for several months, continued to fight. They stopped fighting and started living. Doing what they’ve always wanted to do, but they were afraid because there was a risk of losing a job or reputation or something. But when you know soon you will lose a life, all other loss lose and fears dissolve. These people had nothing to lose and they just enjoyed life while I could. There were times that many of those doomed the disease receded. Like life thought, «Ah, finally you understand how to live well, live another few years.»

I’m not saying the author of the question: «Come on treatment, stop struggling,» No. I say: Show fuck all, why are you so stressed and cornered. Fuck all the crap that fell on you, fuck fucking disease and fuck something-whatever it is that prevents you to enjoy life. FAK layna, and move on. Need something to limit? No question, easily! You can’t Boxing? Okay, find something you can do and get pleasure from it. You can’t run? Okay, the joints will be more whole, I will go, what problems? We need to radically change your lifestyle? Okay — I’m glad new. What else do you need expensive medication? So it’s robbery… Okay, so I’ll find a new source of income. Easy! As long as I live — I always have odds and methods.

To be a man is not only to beat a pear and biceps to swing. Even frail drysch other times can be more of a man than a muscular man. Of course, long live the power of the body! But the power of the spirit is much more important. And this power also need to be pumped. All kinds of life crap just helps us in this.

The man is allowed to be weak sometimes. So, friends, pour soul you’d better not, everyone has their own troubles and pour on them is a bad idea. But what you wrote — that to tell someone who doesn’t know you is a great way to ease the soul. And then there are psychologists. Say, a good psychologist does wonders. If it is really bad — sign up for a few sessions. At least just think about having to go to a psychologist, if not, I’ll be my own psychologist.

The author is not a psychologist and not a doctor, and maybe all the paperwork, did not give you much optimism. Then look at people with disabilities who sometimes reach greater success than those who have a much better chance, and the bears-equilibrists. If they could, and the rest not.

We all like bears, tightrope walkers. We also life starving and pokes the tip under one edge, then the other. We also sit in a cage of their own fears, insecurities and doubts. Life trains us and we begin to do such trick, which was not assume that could.

We all have something sick and we all die. But while we are alive, neither one thing we will not break. Take care of yourself dude, but don’t let that turn into fanaticism, not make their illness the cult. Just take care of yourself and try to enjoy every moment here and now, and the future is still in the future, and nobody knows what it will be.

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