Bad bosses who will meet you in life

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2014_cN8Q97lo4pzpUYou know, when someone tells me that all bosses are bastards, I know that whoever said these words was too negative and almost knows nothing of life. I somehow was lucky with the bosses life (PAH-PAH). First my supervisor on major work was a great man, with whom we discussed toys. Customers as a freelancer were mostly adequate people, rarely throwing me money. When I was an Intern at the University, «Auchan», I was also lucky with his superiors and with the team of my sector. In General, I rarely had bad luck on bosses. Even now I have a wonderful team and a great boss (and I’m not just buttering me up, seriously!). But the world has enough of bad bosses, will ruin your life. What are they? I’ll tell you.

1. Slacker

This man managed somehow to survive the last wave of layoffs. It remains a mystery how he did it. What this guy does for eight hours? Maybe he even does something useful, for example, signed the report, but this work takes a maximum of an hour and a half a day. The remaining 7 hours, this dude pushes the bolt. He can watch the TV series (I saw the girl — commercial Director who’s work, so I watched «Lost») can play online games like poker, can watch everything online and to sit in social networks. One day at work my close guy justice, when viewed all those sites that had been his boss during the working day. In the history was a online poker sites, porn sites, Myspace and correspondence on a Dating site with a girl younger than him for 15 years. Dude was fired in disgrace, although he quickly found a job.

When you walk into the office of the boss, he irritably looks up at you, his whole appearance indicating that you have separated him from his very important mission. You need him pathetic signature, and he grimaces so it becomes awkward. He may send you, but what you want from him, a matter of two minutes. Even if this guy caught playing WOW, he will still continue to expertly pretend to be busy with work. Maybe that’s his secret?

2. Dude, who profess the Western model of «equality and fraternity»

Well, you probably know this model. Are you talking to anyone «you» call him Sasha instead of Alexander, although he may be older than you for 30 years. Seriously, in practice in the «Auchan» was I supposed to call women who were fit in my grandmother, Rita and Natasha. Well, that and they realized they were in my grandmother’s, of course, I exaggerate, but still. This Western model of «equality and fraternity» in Russian conditions similar to ugly homunculus, made of what was at hand.

And here’s your head. At first you think he is the most wonderful man in the world, he taps you on the shoulder, talks about her life and occasionally you a whole bunch of people from work drinking a beer at the bar after work. From the beginning you like it. Your boss seems like the man of great soul, but very quickly you realize that this is nothing more than the image of the company, which, just for some Holy book, that person lives. All of his jokes, a Pat on the back, and if the boss is a girl, smiles from ear to ear and Hiking along the common corridors under the handle — no more than a hypocritical mask, which begins to feel sick. Worst of all, on the work of such people will be very, very much. In fact, they may despise all around, quietly talking among themselves in the area. In such a team can be difficult, because they are all around lie. And sick of it.

3. True m*duck and sadistic

In fact, sadists are very, very much. If you seriously think that a sadist is a person in latex with a whip-semipostal, you are sorely mistaken. Sadist — someone who wants to subjugate another to his will, to completely dissolve yourself, to humiliate, to crush your will and turn you into nothing, he does not understand the ideas of equality and respect for him any emotions of weakness and shame. And these people are really a lot in the Director’s composition. Why? They respect authority and lick the ass to those who are above them.

This man will never praise. You will not hear him say one kind word, even if you did a really great job. It may offend you, be rude to you in front of the whole team, to get to perform additional tasks after the end of the day. This man despises anyone of a lower rank, and thus I am sure that you are obliged to obey him without any initiative on your part. If the chief is a woman, she’s a bitch who is constantly scheming in the team. If the chief man, he’s probably the home life, and possibly an alcoholic.

4. Wants to chat

This can be a dude in old age, which only recently became acquainted with the Internet. This guy literally requires you to talk to life, to recall some cases from his rich practice. It can take you away from work to come read with him some article or watch a video on YouTube. You can’t say no definitely would be offended, he to your soul, and you send it because you have to work.

Don’t get me wrong, when the boss communicates with the subordinates, shows them something fun or even discusses about an hour or two from work time the latest news is very cool, it’s a sign of respect, and it perfectly brings the community. But if it happens constantly, if you entertain it, than work a job, then it’s bad. We have to work!

5. You in ten years

The latest trend is to give the kosher places are not for personal merit, and seniority. You gave this company five years. Or even ten. You assign to a new position, which is almost indistinguishable from the old. You pay a couple thousand more and trust to lead the interns. Was a Manager — become a senior Manager or a specialist in *insert anything*. Now you have a handful of neophytes. What will you do with them? Or will you be a good boss? Very rarely we can confidently answer «Yes». You can begin to take revenge for old grievances, you can discover a sadistic, forcing everybody a hundred times to alter the same without giving any explanation. To be a good boss, and man is the art.

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