Bad advice, which all still follow


Among the many tips from the consumer psychology you can find many standard and often contradictory «folk wisdom». Some of them are outdated, some of them are needed in order to keep people in line and ensure the crumbs, some speculate the refusal by any action, and some just sound nice, but are either useless or absolutely harmful. Many people still go absolutely harmful from the point of view of psychology and common sense advice. Maybe because so do, and can be, because usually no one thinks about the meaning of certain tips? Today we will gather some of the most harmful advice for life, which will at best not work and at worst well can hurt you. This list can and should be expanded with comments.

1. Do what you like

If it were so simple. Sometimes you have no idea what you really like, but sometimes the situation is much more interesting: your desires are «suddenly» faced with the obstacles of the external environment and other people’s desires. If you follow their «special way», which so love to lay behind you all sorts Coelho and Begbeder, you will soon be a logical question: why nothing good happens? Why is my life not changing? Why, even in my soul, as you all promised me, you do not receive a well-deserved sense of peace and satisfaction? Because that’s what you like, often does not bring you the fulfilment of the ambitions, money and many other buns.

We give the simplest of all possible situations: you passionately wanted to become a doctor, clinical psychologist, C++ programmer, educator of children or pastry chef. You finished high school, despite strong opposition from my parents and puzzled friends. During training you realize that not much pull math and other subjects, which are necessary for the development of the profession of the dreams. But also you realize that despite your, to my surprise, preserved interest, you can’t find an adequate job. C++ programmers in your city do not need anyone, doctors receive a penny, but laid out in full. The only vacancy clinical psychologist, you found a hospital with a bunch of half-dead zombies. The children were still those bastards, and you a pastry chef, as it turned out, do not want to be.

But not even in the profession, sometimes, to find a job is quite difficult. And to do it you have something to say. Or do you stay with the money, but faced with reality, or you remain without money eternal child.

2. Be the first

Eternal honors are injected at first in kindergarten, the best reading poetry in the stool. Then at school, bison miserable material, which they forgot immediately. Then they work hard in high school to get an «a», and then several times to retake the subject for the best result. They try to Express themselves in activities, sports and other activities. They become elders, trying to stand out in the teacher. After University they reasonably or remain in graduate school, or collide with an iceberg very harsh reality.

Ideally, if you notice on the work, you can improve. That’s why the former standouts torn tendon at work, showing bosses what they are cool. They earn a well-deserved disapproval of other colleagues, despite the fact that the former honors regularly smile at them and love them in every way. Sometimes, though, the former honors pretend that colleagues around there, and there are only plankton and SUPERIORS. Fairly quickly they understand that the boss or whatever, or if it suddenly adequately, he does not like that someone is trying to lick his ass. Here the student is faced with a choice: either continue to do the work of Stakhanovite methods, acquiring debt, or start a disgusted cringe before the authorities. There is a third option: to be like other people, just do your minimum of work and not to show off. But it’s not in the plans of former standouts.

Of course, if there are obvious chances for advancement, you can start to work, but if not, why be first in this competition that you’ve managed to come up with?

3. The early bird catches the worm

Success depends not only on how well you came to the place of distribution and effort as before. Some are quite successful people generally sleep a few hours a day, and some may be late enough to get up, come to the place of earnings with a delay, but still get their. Of course, sometimes it’s good to get up early, but do not forget that this is not the only obvious component of success. Of course, it would make sense, say, for health or for the process, but if you compare two people who are working in the same job, the one that gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning, does not earn more than someone who gets up at 7. It makes sense for farmers and those whose work is not tied to the schedule, the type of freelancing. But for those who have working day is fixed, and the number of orders has no meaning, is absolutely meaningless measure that has no effect.

Also, do not forget that sometimes you need to sleep and not get up early. I’m at the weekend so tried to clean it before guests arrive, leaving all the work for the morning. As a result, getting up at 8 o’clock, my friend and some time were in a stupor, idly rearranged the things from place to place and stolidly took the broom back and forth.

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