In cities recently, significantly increased the number of people on all sorts of environmental transport: bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and all sorts of other exotic vehicle. Today in our heading one more strange vehicle — it’s a backpack-scooter. The degree of strangeness has already risen, right?

In fact it is a very handy thing, because on the scooter, unlike the bike home after a ride will not go, and somehow pull it should. There is a solution: put the scooter, turned it into a backpack and dragged him home. Go to work — also a good thing, but only if you live close to, mind you, we are not Europe, so we have just a scooter in a suit to work don’t get: to be frankly embarrassing.

And the backpack itself is classic. When you fold the entire structure, he is under the wheels and fasteners and when disassembled to go, looking forward like a mermaid on the ships of pirates.




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