Backpack for real spy


Elegant movie about secret agents taught us that this spy should look to ride on the coolest cars and to use the most modern gadgets. And if the last paragraph is more or less true, then the rest of us are exactly the opposite. Perhaps the only film that most closely showed the work of spies «Mission impossible», where there is often a fairly fantastic story, but the main character’s actions realistic. Like his clothing/gear.

Most often covert missions are not held in the beautiful scenery, and on the dark streets, under the protection of the hoods and inconspicuous, but functional clothes. One of these elements can rightly be called a Local Good backpack Daypack Special Silver, ideal for the urban environment. Apparently it’s quite a standard «style», but its role as a trusted guardian of things performs at the five points.

manygoodtips.com_25.10.2016_ray5vqPSwualyLike all Good Local backpacks, this model has a roomy interior compartment, which can fit a laptop — there is a separate pocket — spare clothes with shoes required for mission equipment and secret documents that will not fall out from a hidden external pocket sewn into the flap. As much as 20 litres of space at your disposal, the size of the backpack — 45x27x16 see Another pocket on front of backpack will be able to warm a couple of gadgets.

Polyester material from which to create a backpack, deserved a prize for such factors as strength and durability. Reinforced leather bottom and handle, and durable adjustable straps will keep the backpack during active movements. In fact, it’s a perfect candidate if you don’t want to attract attention, but I want quality and functionality. The taste and color of comrades not, but this copy looks very nice and looks among his fellows.

However, in online store, Good Local great choice, and if I have to hastily change the «outfit», it is better to go there. Especially now on this and other backpacks discounts up to 40% in connection with the complete renewal of the range. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat!

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