Back to the past: what I would like to change

manygoodtips.com_10.05.2014_1GhsEMxDmyuopYouth passes. Although it is not in youth, but in time. The number of days in our lives are limited and, in retrospect, we realize that could change a lot, a lot to understand, lot to do differently. But there is no way back.

Everyone thinks sometimes that he years n-TSAT ago — it’s kind of stupid, being wrong, making so illogical things, and to think this is impossible. Any living things on this planet are the things that he once did, but still can’t understand why he messed up so bad. Certainly in this list, full of melancholic nostalgia, you will find what you would like to explain to a young (or yourself some time ago). But, unfortunately, no one has yet invented a time machine and unlikely to invent.

1. To throw the woman who betrayed you

Someone who forgives, someone who will never forgive. It seemed to us then that we loved this woman enough to forgive her temporary weakness. We were hoping for the power of forgiveness, or really not seen in the betrayal of something bad, then all the forces trying to keep this girl with us.

Then you didn’t know a simple truth: it is impossible to start something again with someone who betrayed us. Well, it is very difficult. Someone, maybe it was possible because he was able to forgive or because the woman never changes (or that person never found out about her betrayal). But, man, let’s face the truth: rarely something you can build with the person, which is weak on the front end, it does not value you or your relationship. There are those who really forgave and lived on in perfect harmony, but most are unable. Perhaps because humans are imperfect or selfish? Who knows?

2. To quit the woman you cheated on

Absolutely clear that you don’t need it. Or you don’t value the relationship with her. Ate the forbidden fruit that beckons and remember that all men are conquerors and seek new shores. And the girl seems to be a sour Apple in a vase full of fruit. Of course, it had time to break, but you didn’t, and she was suffering.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak

Once the digging yourself. Then we could stand up for yourself with words or say their opinion, when all is said. But we were silent. We used to say, the thought that we do not respect and will not listen. What could we lose? Our words could only laugh? Well, what? Is it could kill us or to humiliate?

But when all is said, we were silent. It was humbling in the worst sense of the word, silence. What a shame.

4. More to spend the night with friends

We were driving home, when there were nine. We had to work, study or other cases. Now when old friends are lost, and in my heart you have a strong belief that you «don’t walk» and enjoy all the pleasures of a young student’s life.

5. To spend less time in the care of learning

If you look back now on the years of study in higher or secondary education, you will understand that it was not so difficult. The teachers helped you, didn’t seem particularly terrible, not all of them wanted to «throw» and many were good smart people. But most of all, a grown man understands that learning on the «tower» is not always a guarantee of exceptional education and settlement in life.

6. Spend more time thinking about what you really want out of life

No matter how bitter it was to say it, but a huge number of people, it seems, never knew what it wanted to do in life. Perhaps these people tried to think about the purpose in life and about its meaning, but they have failed. And some of them are quite dead, and not knowing, that may give them joy in my life.

A lot of men working at the wrong job that they truly enjoy. Unfortunately, they never even know what «favorite work».

Have a very large number of people have a beloved hobby or activity that brings pleasure to the soul. Why is this happening? The reason is obvious: they never really for a long time did not put the right questions: «What do I want?» «What must I do?» «What I really like to do?» «Why don’t I try new?» But if all of these people not only asked themselves, but diligently searching for answers, perhaps, their life is turned the other side. Although, who knows?

7. Sports

If someone started a little earlier, and do not be drunk in such a huge quantity of beer, destroying your immune system and metabolism, it’s possible that the results in the bench press would be more impressive. Youth is the best time to build muscle corset to improve your health and earn stamina in old age. But, unfortunately, in its early years, not everyone spends correctly.

8. To meet more people

There is a widespread belief that the people in our lives «Dating». It is absolutely not true! Dude, that we meet people!

Most successful meetings happen due to certain circumstances, but if it were not for these well-written lifestyle factors, nothing would have happened. The man sitting at home all the time with no one to meet you! If you want more Dating you need to be active! More new places, more interest in life, and interesting the right people will be more. But don’t think they will be with you always. Someone out of your life immediately, some through time, but some just linger. With time you will understand and greatly regret that did not show the proper respect to different gatherings of people, clubs and other places where unusual personalities.

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