Back to life before the New year

New year, new time, new hopes. December hanging on his shoulders, crumpled the dirty cloak that wants to shake off the weary shoulders. During those 12 months has been so strange, absurd, good and controversial, I feel like a beaten dog. However, understand that the upcoming change is no joy — everything will be the same as always. But you only need to clean and tune, the right mentality, to feel the taste festival, taste of life, taste happy (otherwise it can not be) the future.

Walk duration in meditation

This year December was a surprisingly snowy even in those regions of the country, where white precipitation is so rare that honored some deity. Not that there were snowdrifts, but the rooftops and branches of trees covered, and therefore a month can be considered snow.

5 years ago Kate Bush released «50 Words for Snow». A mysterious and beautiful work in which all 50 words for snow was some kind of sad melancholy. In fact, the majority of the world culture belongs to the snow with a sad prejudice. Except that «Let it Snow» and Russian folk songs are forced to treat the snow with the children’s joy and spontaneity. After all the snow we rejoice predominantly immature organisms, which is not ashamed to play in the snow. Motorists and accidents, which at 7 am go to work at the other end of town, the attitude to such precipitation close to hatred.

But let’s not slide into hatred and suffering, as reflected in the drama «the seasons» Vivaldi. We have enough of the melancholy-beautiful solo — they reflect the mood as we approach the end of the 12th month. After all, this holiday is almost indistinguishable from the day of birth. Completed milestones, we have grown old, so many opportunities lost, nothing is planned is not implemented, and there is no guarantee that the next 12 months will bring relief.

We can say that such thoughts come to mind only losers. No need to carry stuff, easier helpful. Try to be older and the root zadolbalsja leaning on the end of the year workload. Papashi as an ox, fulfilling the debt and the plan for the calendar year and you too will think that the holidays is a series of endless drinking that ends in the devastating rubble of dirty dishes and throwing trees. Indeed, it turns out not fair — only will be involved, and you have spit in gray’s life.That is that attitude we need. Take your headphones and go through all the memorabilia and personal areas of your city. The house you lived in before; your first job; the tree under which you two hours searched the bookmark. Turn on the quiet, unlike any other street in which you managed to notice some of the chamber’s uniqueness, look at the snow-covered red bricks old factory, which is in every town, walk along the main street, burning all alive too aggressive festive coloring.

This monumental walk through the old familiar broken pavement of the sidewalks to show you the city on the other hand, because it’s all in the mood. Comes the understanding that in a series of worries and suppress the detail is not bad, we just look at them differently. The leaden sky is no longer the pressure, and behind a veil of worries notice that the holiday hell ensues. And that everyday things are much more beautiful than it seemed. What’s with the music? Yes, because like cures like — have you ever seen someone meditating under the Guano Apes?

Bring back old music

By the way, about music. Add into the bargain the cinema and all culture in General. I remember in the far-distant childhood, we eagerly caught the atmosphere of the Christmas movies? Previously, we watched «home Alone» to absorb the spirit of the holidays, and now when you view the masterpiece from childhood, we think only of one: as a dad of Kevin McCallister earned on such home and went to Paris?

Stop thinking about material, Santa Claus, money is still not present. Better tune in to the desired festive wave, grab some movies and music that cause you a feeling of childish joy. Do not have to include «the forest raised a Christmas tree» someone was listening «There Is a Light That Never Goes Out» VIA The Smiths, which has nothing to do New year, but the memories it is that festive.

Not a sin to get old «Dandy» of the dusty closet, and pogamat, as in old age. If you do not Wake your inner child, you can not feel the atmosphere of holiday and lightness of being. But dilute the immaturity of the drink Pochayevo’t hurt. And then you can go on a holiday experience of adult life. You know what?

The atmosphere of a foreign city

Before the holiday comes the time to change the picture. To get in the car and at the snow-white steppes to go to another city. Change pictures, change the format of the great sobers. Besides the endless winter road — a kind of highway, the way to get my thoughts in order and the best place to bump in meditation. Just don’t fall asleep.

You know, when you enter the city at this time of the year, covered with gray cap blackened from the fumes and reagents for precipitation, it looks very different than in the summer. Somehow cozier. Aimless roaming vaguely decorated streets gives some pleasure. Not in a hurry, just walking, staring at the city life. Everything seems as always, but it seems that people live differently. And impressions from a trip abroad.

No matter where you go: by car or train; it does not matter alone or with someone; no matter how big the city is and how far away. Just in this period of feelings from the pictures just above.

«I condescended to make peace with each other»

Remember the song «Snow» (aka the people’s interpretation is called «Hey Oh»): «I condescended to make peace with each other»? Everyone needs to go to restore the old contacts. We often think that it would not hurt to call and inquire about the status of old friends; wonder why we stopped talking; recall past drinking and adventures in which they appeared. But assemblage cases constantly cools noble impulse, and the more time passes, the less you see the point in this venture. Then you start torturing yourself with questions: «is it necessary? And what good will that do?».

So that people is the main wealth. They should be protected, especially if there have been no quarrels. Call, offer to meet, just like old times, and see how the soul will immediately become easy, knowing that you are not alone, that there are still people who will not let you die from loneliness. In the modern rhythm of life it is normal to stop to chat, but we must not forget old friends.

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