Axe history


Things made the old manufactory, which by some irony, there are still many, many years after their Foundation, you see, have a special charm. Difficult to find in our area is the enterprise which never in my life have closed and have not repurchased stakeholders. But in the West they even eat ass.

Estwing Manufacturing Company together with its Creator, Ernest In Immingham forged his first tool back in 1923. They do it still, apparently, the tools are really cool. This axe for Hiking looks by itself just fine. It is made of solid hardened steel with cushioned cool grip of leather, which is covered with lacquer, so it seems like a tree. The weight of the axe 1.8 kg. He is excellent in hand and looks such an example of courage and correct beauty without superfluous details.

Bundled with the Estwing Camping Hatchet is a genuine leather case. The cost of an axe — $ 45. As a gift to my father — incredible.

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