Autumn playlist from you decide to do music, but I don’t know what to sing, sing about snotty love autumn, not lose. Most of the songs that’s about it. We tried to choose the best in our opinion.

The Cure – «Last day of summer»

The album, «Bloodflowers», 2000

Let’s start with what is called, in order: from the last day of summer, which automatically becomes autumn. The traditional sobs of Robert Smith, a long melancholy introduction and moaning about the fact that with the last day of summer it went.

X.. Forget It – «Autumn»

The album «Joy of giving» 1993

I’m sorry, but this is the best song about autumn. Such a simple, understandable and at the same time poetic flow there was none. However, the guys from the team with such a telling name can not be otherwise. This is a favorite BG group, among other things. Sweet, sad melody and great lyrics Maestro Begemota (from the author: well, he Bigimot, not a hippopotamus) who throws from a high of poetry in dirty foul language – how else to describe autumn loneliness? In any case, after this song in any conversation that relates to the fall (whether it’s higher prices or bad weather), begin to repeat the sacred verse,

«Autumn is redhead slut Autumn rainy bitch. Autumn – some wait. Autumn… you’ve been my friend».And if this high poetry you are not hooked, I pity you. Highly recommend to familiarize with the work of the team. Mat, I used the case and skill, and the lyrics are extremely worldly.

DDT – the last autumn»

Album «Actress spring», 1992

How much of Yuri Yulianovich songs about autumn, not even he knows Yuri Yulianovich. And how many more unpublished drafts of poems? Immediately come to mind the Golden words of Noize MC:

«Grandpa Shevchuk, sing us a song about autumn which You guys? I have 8 pieces».But of all these songs I want to mention, as time is not «What is autumn», namely «the last autumn». Many believe that lyrical compositions for DDT works better. Anyway, this is an absolute gem. In her sadness, and longing for the old days, and the smell changes. In the spirit of the times and of the present.


Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto No. 3 in f major «Autumn»

Cycle of concerts «the seasons», 1723

Well, talk about the time of year that the magical Baroque Venetian genius? Vivaldi wrote great concerts of all times. And although autumn is not so well known and maybe not so catchy as those «Winter» or «Spring» to listen it is definitely worth. Each month a separate written composition, incredibly subtly conveys the mood of each of the soft alarming September to November. Although the fall in Italy – it’s not autumn in Russia. And it becomes clear from the titles of songs: «Dance and song peasant boys», «Sleeping drunk», «the Hunt».

Frank Sinatra – «Autumn Leaves»

Album «Where are you», 1957

Initially, in 1945, it was a French song «Les Feuilles mortes» (literally «the Dead leaves»). In 1947 the American songwriter johnny Mercer wrote English lyrics of this song, and Jo Stafford was one of the first who performed a new version of the song. But we know her in a sleek and velvet performed by an old gangster (Sinatra I think). And as you know, anything sung by Sinatra, definitely a masterpiece. Imagine that you are sitting in an empty café, drinking terrible coffee, you’re incredibly sad in your formal suit, and you watch drops of rain blurred the window, thinking about nothing. Were only appropriate soundtrack. This song is perfect.

The Mamas & the Papas – «California Dremin'»

The album «If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears», 1965

Actually the song speaks of winter day in new York. But we have all the leaves wither in the fall. And on the «warm coast» starts to pull in the fall. So for our latitude is that neither is the autumn.

The White Stripes – «Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground»

The album «White Blood Cells», 2002

«Dead leaves on the dirty grass» – and it is clear what song. However, thanks to the perky music of the song sounds like a challenge all the crap and scraps of melancholy, which let us fall. Although, as usual, it’s a song about ruined love. And what else to do in the fall, but to suffer and weep?


Guns N’ Roses – «November Rain»

The album «Use Your Illusion I», 1992

The usual weepy ballad, if not kosher solo Slash and too expensive for the early 90’s and all the hard rock clip. Almost 9 minutes of joy and suffering, and, as always, this song is about unrequited love.

Tom Waits – «November»

The album «The black rider», 1993

One of the best compositions of one of the best albums waits. Soaked in Bourbon voice tells us about a typical November gloom and dullness. Everything is banal and beautiful, as he can only waits.


The White Stripes – We Are Going To Be Friends

The album «White Blood Cells», 2002

«White stripes» not much happens. Even the song from the same album. Only this time, on touching school relationship, the first time in first class. A sin not to include a song of autumn text:

«Fall is here, hear the yell Back to school, ring the bell».

Stigmata – «September burns»

The album «Stigmata», 2007 (well, what else) year

There are songs with which to live life. There are those which survive only moments of sadness or joy. And there are those that except that you can burn September. No artistic value behind this creation is not responsible, but thanks to comic attempts to return to 2007, she became a cult. So stock up with blazer, getting bangs, and go burn a piece of the calendar to September, the sounds of this shit.

Mikhail Shufutinsky – «September 3»

The album «walk soul», 1994

If you do not then it is not so, if you have fires burning ash, every day, turning the page of the calendar, you see the third of September, you have Michael Shufutinsky of the brain. In fact, if we discard all fun and games, but the song is good. Again about the fall but about women.

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_VD2ma2rWpG71uAlbum «John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman» 1963

Legendary jazz saxophonist in a team with a great singer that initial, high-quality jazz johnny Hartman has created, as the Americans say, «sweet, sad song» – a nice sad song. All the same jazz and Blues – is the most autumnal composition.

«Thru the trees comes autumn with her serenade Melodies the sweetest music ever played Autumn kisses we knew are beautiful souvenirs.»

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