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manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_rZfz2Pp1yJ7gDScratching their heads over additional parts for your vehicle? happy to help you! We present several categories of gadgets that I love and use a lot of motorists.

All devices presented here, chosen based on feedback and advice to car owners.

1. DVR

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_hiKvKzmPtw8LP1. ProCam ZX3

Great value and quality. Approximately 2800 RUB you get good quality recording with good color, FullHD video with 24 frames per second, large screen. Inconspicuous housing increases the chance that the gadget will not want to take possession of sneaky thieves.

Video: 18.6 Mbps, 1920*1080 (16:9) at 24 fps, JPEG

Audio: 512 Kbps, 32 kHz, 16 bit, 1 channel, PCM (Little / Signed)

2. Datakam G5

With an overall similarity of the line of these products (image quality, wide display) the feature of this model — two slots for microSD memory cards: the device can record simultaneously to two cards. If necessary one of them can share with the inspector of traffic police or the victim in the accident, which was recorded by the DVR. Also the gadget has got a battery capacity of 1000 mAh, its resource will be enough to record a video within one and a half hours. This feature can be useful in case of problems in the electrical system of the car. The issue price was 6500 RUB.

3. Trendvision’s TV-103

Stylish piece, made in the form of mirrors.

Video recording 1920×1080 at 30 fps, the screen 2.7″, 140° viewing angle. Easy to use menus. I am glad that it displays almost all the information about the modes of operation, including date and time.


Bright day the screen is difficult to see the image.

The gadget does not turn on the driver’s window.

The cost was 5500 RUB.

4. DriveCam 1080PRO

Video recording 1920×1080 at 30 fps, display 2.4″.

The shock sensor (G-sensor), GPS, you can connect to the TV via HDMI, memory card support SD (SDHC), built-in microphone.

Weaknesses: some complain about the inconvenience of fastening. Plus there is no built in battery.

The average price — 7390 RUB

5. Akenori DriveCam 1080PRO Mio

The recording quality of 1920×1080 px, 2.4 inch screen, connecting to GPS and adequate G-sensor. The menu is Russified, the connection can be performed via the HDMI cable. All these amenities are offered by the Japanese company, which collects their equipment to Chinese factories, for 7500 RUB.

2. GPS Navigator


Touch display 6″ resolution 800×480, 4096 MB of internal memory and a slot for micro SD. Software – Navitel. The price – about 5000 rubles. A feature of the model is the built-in DVR with a viewing angle of 75° and a resolution of 1MP.

Disadvantages: cannot be installed Navitel-tube, is not very convenient control, a little weak processor.

The approximate cost was 3800 RUB.

2. TeXet TN-522HD DVR

Car GPS Navigator with integrated video recorder (1.3 MP 127° review) has a touch screen 5″ with a resolution of 800×480, 4096 MB of internal memory and a slot for micro SD. Software – Navitel and cityguide. The cost is about 4 700 rubles.

Shortcomings: Quickly the battery sits.

Price — 3 690 RUB.

3. Explay PN-965

Car GPS Navigator has a touch screen 6″ with a resolution of 800×480, 4096 MB internal memory, Bluetooth and a slot for micro SD. Software – Navitel, OS is Windows CE 6.0.

Weaknesses: the Rear part from a simple plastic and not Soft Touch. The kit doesn’t cover. The transmitter is faulty. The speakerphone leaves much to be desired. Price — 3 282 RUB.

4. Prestigio GeoVision 5800BTHDDVR

Navigator with built-in DVR, color touch screen 5″, resolution 800×480 pixels., 4096 MB of memory, support micro SD, FM transmitter. BY: Navitel.

Weaknesses: weak battery.

5. Garmin nuvi 2455

It the Garmin was a pioneer in the market of navigators. Users consistently note the quality and functionality of the devices of this manufacturer. Car GPS Navigator Garmin nuvi 2455 has a touch screen 4.3″ with a resolution of 480×272, MicroUSB and a slot for micro SD. Software Garmin. Cost – approximately 7 500 RUB., the Average price — 4 500 RUB.

Disadvantages: Traffic congestion must be purchased separately.

3. Radio

1. Alpine CDE-174BT

Car radio 1 DIN,max. power 4 x 50 watts, playback from USB and iPod, CD-player, radio with RDS. The audio input on the front panel

cost 6 400 RUB.

A great combination of price and quality.

2. Pioneer DEX-P99RS

All users of radio say clean and rich sound. Of the drawbacks easily soiled panel and a tendency to scratch.

Car 1 DIN CD player without an amplifier. Playback from USB, radio with RDS.

Price — 32 000 RUB.

3. Alpine CDE-174BT

Automagnetola 1 DIN with maximum power 4 x 50 watts.

Playback from USB, iPod, radio with RDS.

Disadvantages: No AirPlay for iPhone. Glossy screen.

Price — 9 900 RUB.

4. Pioneer AVH-X8500BT

Multimedia car 2 DIN DVD player,touch screen display 7″, radio with RDS.

Max. power 4 x 50 W support for playback from USB,iPod, SD memory card.

Shortcomings: on the sun it is badly visible picture, and in the frost tightly inserted panel.

21 300 price RUB.

5. Sony XAV-72BT

Car 2 DIN DVD player, touch screen display 7″.

Max. power 4 x 52 watts.

Playback from USB,iPod, radio with RDS.

Disadvantages: in cold weather, «slow» sensor.

Price — 19500 RUB

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