Authorities canceled the race of women dressed as Schoolgirls


«Sexy Schoolgirl 5K» — a very interesting event held in North Carolina. It would be a standard race girls in the far distance, if not for one thing: to take part in this risky sporting event, you need to wear the schoolgirl costume. Normal school uniform will not fit — only erotic costume. This year the organizers of the «Sexy Schoolgirl 5K» had to cancel the race.

Unfortunately for the men from North Carolina and surrounding States girls in erotic outfit to run can’t because of the ban of the city authorities, public organizations feminists.

A former police captain Paula o’neal, who organized the race the other girls dressed as Schoolgirls, said that the event was cancelled due to issues of rape and violence against girls in schools and on College campuses. The city authorities believe that the race could trigger a wave of rape of the older school generation of girls. The public also questioned the value of the mileage for the society. It is also reported that the competition was run properly filled out several documents.

The fee for participation in the race for one girl was forty dollars, but if she gets two of his friends, the price would fall to 30. Mileage on long distance «Sexy Schoolgirl 5K» to be held in several cities of America, among which the towns of Charlotte and Cincinnati, all must end in the city of Virginia beach, Virginia.

The future of the race under threat.

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