Austrian scientists do not believe vegetarianism is useful


Lately, vegetarianism is becoming more popular. More and more people shift to a diet without meat, but scientists do not believe that it cleanses the chakras and eliminates toxins.

Because a new study says a vegetarian diet is not healthy and can lead to lower quality of life. Research by Austrian scientists, published recently in the journal PLoS ONE, show that vegetarianism is not as useful as previously thought. The fact that man is actually omnivorous, which is confirmed by the structure of the body, and the structure of the teeth. The study included a decent control group — 1320 people. They were separated into pure vegetarians, heavy meat eaters, and meat eaters that will balance your diet of cereals and vegetables. For nearly years of observations revealed that pure vegetarians are more prone to allergies, cancer, grief, depression, bad mood and well-being. The best result was shown those who eat balanced.

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