Australian hamburger, 24.07.2013, DzOraIoSoKmJ7ANvfhr5vCqJHz14vDiz

Not surprisingly, if you’ve never had the Australian Burger, we also had to try it. But in Australia this recipe is known since the 1960s, and the burgers there are many cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The basis is exactly the same as in a regular hamburger bun and Patty, 24.07.2013, L6K7fw7JZFqlRnUDtXlMeFxakVqLwUPm

As the sauce is mayonnaise with spicy chili pepper, 24.07.2013, l9YcS9OoKguH1uVTnPLwvRBPmWUNKsot

Add pickled beets, 24.07.2013, altj3bwRyYfgZarl1RWEIS0Ebvr82yuM

Grilled pineapple, 24.07.2013, P09ZO3oSMMhMT0IJzB4fDm7xRcLtbCHn

Fried egg, 24.07.2013, upFMC3wfDPdNbCrhpEySkiYPeN57dkNe

Fried onions, 24.07.2013, WaSXB8LCmj9bN4pCXiZq5yV6OmQMb0wd

Cheese, of course, 24.07.2013, LJwxkHvdUexrSfLSAsdzgJKxHdeR6Abo

Definitely tomato, lettuce, 24.07.2013, UQZHQb7HmmPgIovWwNrcHx7ayE1R6zLU

Bacon? Of course, why not, 24.07.2013, USnpyuWGeBFKdRcPUemsKUFssmi2Udb6

And don’t be afraid to overdo it, 24.07.2013, xNTtBTBu5hoWDtPzLV20NACmXtRyT7bQ

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