Attention! Monday kills

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2014_vDJJDK9c30noHNo, we don’t sloupoki and know that today is Wednesday. We are just barely survived Monday and came in today. After feeling and common sense back, there is a question: «How to protect yourself from poslepechatnoy depression?». We decided to deal with it well, and at the same time to help you, after all, a Monday, it is cyclic. Sooner or later, you’re still going to meet him.

Mood Monday — it’s like herpes: either you have it or not. And from this the sores depends on your awakening. Or you lie in bed an extra half hour and hate all life on earth, or do you bounce out of bed full of energy and inspiration. Contrary to popular belief, Monday is not terrible, terrible thing that you have to do that day.

Imagine if you went to work, where you waited for friends with whom you had fun at the weekend, and not just colleagues. Perhaps you would go there more fun than it is now. Of course, you can now begin to search for more interesting work, but while you have to treat herpes. Now think about what you can do with it.

1. You don’t have enough coffee and Goodies

Too many bars yesterday — too much of a hangover today. Your body needs the caffeine or something else annoying. You know what would make work more attractive? The presence in the office free coffee and donuts. But really, why your employer is encouraging you not? You work for him, for him. Are you not worthy freestuff doughnut?

I agree, work would have been a completely different atmosphere if everyone can go to the buffet and take another delicious cookie. And then wash it down with coffee. But while you can buy it. In the morning on Monday, do yourself a favor and buy something tasty, something that will cheer you up.

2. Do you prefer one and not work

In the morning you spend a lot of time on the road for work. But when you get to your destination, you’re so lazy to get out of the car!.. Are you ready to ride around town for an extra half hour just to get out.

I think you forgot about your incentive. You’re waiting for the doughnuts, well, what you want. Not too exiting the car. Parked and immediately — on the street!

3. You’re waiting for a business meeting

On Monday if you have a scheduled meeting or a business meeting, you go to work with peace of mind. Because you don’t have to start immediately to routine tasks. If the meeting is delayed, it will delay the start date of your job.

You don’t seem to understand that if you are a responsible employee, your job does not depend on the time spent in the office. Your job is reflected in the quantity and quality. Sit Vkontakte and without you can, but who will work? Monday could bring with it a business meeting, so it will delay, but will not do the work for you. So try not to entertain false hopes.

4. You don’t have enough communication

You wanted to sleep for an hour in the Internet to chat with friends, but you have to work. Take, for starters, at least a few tasks that then feel at ease to spend ten minutes on the monitoring of your favorite pages. You just forget the most important: on Monday you have to be energetic and inspired.

Monday should be your most productive day. You have to set the pace throughout the week and throughout the office. Look, if you do the work early, you have time on social networks and on the way back the traffic.

5. After Monday you can drink

You so bad, that after work on Monday you went to the alcohol section of the supermarket? Well, there is nothing wrong. You had a very rough day and you deserve a reward. But if you want to drink, middle of the day, the case here is not exactly in thirst, and in your progressive alcoholism.

Wait until the end of the office Monday and get Monday cozy and homely. With a bottle of wine. No need to get drunk on light cognac or whiskey. You have to work tomorrow, a glass of wine with dinner is the norm.

Today we got through Wednesday, but do not forget that a few days come Monday… suffer.

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