Attention! An introvert in social networks

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2014_SSJi025guSD1DWe’ve talked about who are introverts, it is not those people who are shy or socially awkward. Introverts are people who get energy from being alone, and spend it when they spend time with other people. This means that regardless of how many and who is an introvert, even if it is with friends, after a while it will still need a break. They need time to be alone, to recharge, to get back out into the world.

The Internet at the same time surprisingly useful and at the same time unsuitable for the introvert. On the one hand, technology helps you make plans, make an appointment with friends and you can always learn on the Internet you are interested in information.

On the other hand, the use of the Internet means that anyone at anytime can call you, write or otherwise invade your solitude. Text messages, email, social networking, where you are always online, means that even when you are alone at any time thy Union with me can be initiated. You can ignore this message, or the message, but the moment will still be ruined.

Here are some tips on how an introvert can use the Internet without harm to his loneliness:

1.Reduce the number of applications and messages

Each application that you add to your phone, this is another tool of destruction. Why so many? You really need a photo editor, Facebook messages, task Manager, birthday reminder of a friend of the VC, which you don’t even know?

Delete shit you don’t need. Choose the social network that you prefer and ignore the rest. This will help you reduce information overload. If you heard the news or update from a single source, then why would you read about it again? Take down any unnecessary programs from your gadget.

2.Take care of your loneliness

Why? Because you need it. This means: leave your phone at home when you go for a run (or turn it off). Take a walk without the phone. Read the book turning off all communications. Get a massage, work in the garden or go to the garage to rummage in their car, sit in the corner and cry over the stupidity we are surrounded by every day.

Forget about the fact that someone you should call, or that you don’t have time to post a cool quote. Otherwise, you will not benefit from this unity, you’ll just be depressed and not be able to enjoy the solitude.

3.You don’t need to instantly answer the call

Was the phone on silent mode at the time when you work. Maybe five hours later you look at your phone and see 25 messages, 12 missed calls and 200 messages from social networks. You will all call me back and say that forgot to turn off the sound on the phone after I left work, but we all already won’t care as they have something to do and they don’t care the reason you «ignore».

Over time people will get used to the fact that you can’t always answer the phone. Because they will know that you have your phone off when you need to concentrate. And believe me, they’ll get over it.

The point is that you can always stay connected, but do not force yourself to receive duplicate alerts from social networks. You can see who wrote you or safolovich, without detracting from the more interesting cases. Find a free moment and tell everyone who wrote or called. Don’t worry that someone will misunderstand, you are not obliged to report about those moments when you want to be alone with him.

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