Atheists don’t belong here hasten to please all believers, atheists are still less. Surprisingly, most religious elderly grandmother, who after 60 years of Communist atheism, the mother decided to atone for sins, do not come from the summer and reverent of the past, not desperate 40-year-old losers who, besides faith, there’s nothing left, and the relative youth. As many as 67% of respondents – people aged 25 to 34 years. There you have it. The vicegerents of Allah, Yahweh and God of the earth do an excellent job with their work, while you mock them on the Internet.

Maybe, the Agency and The Telegraph played a cunning trick, but it certainly was not mistaken in the calculations, referring to the two-thirds of the population of the earth believers. But it’s one thing when you live among the peace-loving Thais, among which only 1% does not believe in the Buddha or, say, any European country, and quite another if it happens, say, in Sunny Arabia. Believe me, in our country to be an atheist quite well. In all seriousness, despite the law on protection of feelings of believers, the growing influence of the Church and all the religious smehopanorame. Although the day before writing I had a strange dream where me dirty in the cellars of the Lubyanka was interrogated by a rude man in uniform, and then began to threaten that they would give me in your saved photos in the VC legendary photo with hours of the Patriarch. For her in my dreams, was given 5 years in prison.

The Maldives

Look here, brother, you are outraged that the Deputy Milonov offends supporters Pastafarianskaya of the Church and calls good-natured fans of the spaghetti monster bad psychiatric diagnoses, and in the Maldives… Yeah, the same ones that are strongly associated with the Paradise on earth that beckon snow-white beaches, women with pumped lips and divers the wonderful underwater fauna.

So, this «Paradise» is a living hell for those who do not respect Allah. In this country the Constitution recognized only one religion – Islam. All other religions are simply banned here. Well, you can’t practice Buddhism, which was widespread in the Islands until the XII century, and all. Can kill. Not prohibit discrimination on religious grounds.

In this state for blasphemy can go to jail, and for apostasy from the faith is to lose life. However, the last execution was in 1953. International Christian organizations and then throw the clods of dirt to the small Republic, calling it the country in which often oppress the Christians.

Sharia law in the Maldives adhere strictly even to blame for what. But despite this, the Maldives is one of the safest resorts in the world. To live in the Maldives, well, a tourist with a cross on the neck do not throw stones. Why? Yes, because any religious symbols instantly confiscated at the border, so as not to be an eyesore faithful. In addition, the literacy rate in the country is very high – 98%.


But together with the harsh religion of the Maldives has got not the most pleasant for an atheist or even a Christian nuances. For example, alcohol was prohibited in the country even tourists. In the Duty-Free and resort areas – please, but not sitting in the center of the city with a bottle of beer under a palm tree. Then really can know the meaning of the phrase «alcohol kills». A citizen of a country can become exclusively Muslim, that, in fact, logical and understandable. It is unlikely non-Muslims will want to live in the tropical edges of Sharia.

Saudi Arabia

Good old Saudi Arabia. It would be foolish to assume that a country which is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims, a country in which is located the main Shrine, the country in which the level of religiosity is virtually absolute, to be hospitable to people who believe that all believers without exception idiots. Although little more than 4% of the population – Christians, especially the Copts, Eritreans, Ethiopians. However, despite this turn, there is no freedom of religion and belief. For blasphemy or apostasy faces death. The only law which governs the state’s Sharia law. And to you, God forbid, do not forget to pray, for it is executed following a special religious police Mutaween (and you laugh at Enteo).

manygoodtips.com_21.03.2016_77nJZNAvzC5DiIn addition, you can easily «tie» the clothes, the apparent «scourge of God» obscene, unapproved in Muslim countries the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and, lo and behold, you can be punished for being in a public place or even in the car with a woman who is not you nor wife, nor relative. You for it do not throw me in a cage with lions, won’t cut your hands (this is for theft only), you would be whipped with rods only. Particularly intolerant police of religious minorities and atheists. Atheism, by the way, all is here outside the law. There is a ban on religious rituals and symbols of any other religion except Islam. Moreover, if matawin finds out that you left Islam for Christianity, they’d kill you! Here is a country, drunk – pussy, an atheist will kill you.

Another world

Actually, both developed and not the poor Muslim States should be enough to understand how to relate to anyone who is not with Allah, in countries where the rule of Sharia law. In more unfortunate countries like Somalia and Afghanistan, things are even worse.


Freedom of religion and belief limits the law, even the Constitution stipulates that the law can not contradict the Quran. Any religious activity other than Islam, is strictly forbidden.

By the way, in a more democratic Iran is also not helping. For blasphemy against Islam face the death penalty, so that stand-up comedians out there better not to go. As in Pakistan, where the blasphemy law is painted in detail, as nowhere else in the world, all words and actions which are directed against Islam can be punished by death. In Qatar and Yemen gladly hang for apostasy from the faith.A little easier in Muslim Malaysia. Here there is freedom of religion, even if you’re a Christian, even a Baptist, no one will touch you. But there is not and cannot be an atheist. Every Malaysian citizen over the age of twelve years must be in possession of an identity card, which must indicate his religion. And despite the freedom of speech, blasphemy against the tenets of Islam you can pay with years spent in terrible, inhuman Malaysian prison. However, almost everywhere the right to free speech does not guarantee continued freedom.

But enough about the Muslims who fiercely guard their faith, let’s dive into the Christian world. Here, everything is much more peaceful, head for unbelief and blasphemy do not cut for many, many years. The fire people are not driven. Nevertheless, in Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa South of the Sahara countries, positioning themselves as free in the choice of religion, still give preference to Christians in educational and public institutions. In politics atheists, too much of a chance, the Christian lobby is strong, but to confirm the country’s freedom, forced to stand next to «atheists».

In the Orthodox world… Yes, and you know what’s going on here. In Serbia, Greece and Russia in the Church very broad powers and very great influence. The Church strongly guarded from criticism that, in General, occurs in all denominations.

By the way, a paradox: in a country where the overwhelming number are atheists, in a country where the Pope with his Catholic dogmas sent to hell the king who wanted to marry, bishops automatically get a seat in Parliament. The British, of course, peculiar attitude towards religion and so it is strange that the bishops make such concessions.And finally, a look at America. In the papers that they will wash to the oceans for the lack of spirituality, but 7 States will be, because as an atheist they can be dangerous. The percentage of devout people is enormous. For example, in Arkansas, an atheist cannot testify in court. And in the legendary Utah, where mysterious and ascetic Mormons, it is better not to appear, not to desecrate their religion. The people suspicious, with its own Church that denies the Nicene creed, which lives by its strict canons, its history protested that the American lack of spirituality. However, in every other rock stars are awesome, the history a Bong about how he was involved in the fall with two Mormon virgins.

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