At the University of California set a mirror for a selfie


Selfie is a fashionable phenomenon, which is that man taking pictures of myself in the mirror. The name appeared relatively recently, but the phenomenon itself originated in the time of emergence of affordable digital cameras. Many condemn self, and many simply take a picture of myself in the mirror.

Teacher of design, Gabe Ferreira at the University of California decided that the phenomenon of the selfie has to be immortalized. Along with several students Gabe made in the workshop of the University of a huge wooden frame 7 ft tall, which is painted and designed in the form of the iPhone, which has become a symbol of the self.

My installation lecturer called «Screen Identity», which can be translated as «individual screen» or «Identity» screen. Gabe had planned all this monotony of ideas of self, lack of originality, individuality, and man’s dependence on other people’s opinions. But the idea of the teacher of design has failed: most of the students believe that the mirror had to be comfortable taking pictures of themselves. Moreover, several students turned to Ferreira with words of gratitude for such a convenient mirror. Girls 7-foot installation in the campus can be seen constantly.

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